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This page contains links to various resources and tools.  If you've made, published, or produced something for What's O.L.D. is N.E.W., it's welcome on this page.  Just shoot a quick email over with the details!

If you're using the What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. starter kit, be sure to check out that page, which has character sheets for the pregenerated characters and a poster map of the temple.

Note that while third party resources are welcome to be linked to, EN Publishing cannot guarantee their accuracy.

Download the FREE adventure, The Haunting of Calrow Ruins

"You can hear them at night when the mist creeps in off the lakeshore, jibber-jabbering like madmen trying to form words. For years they’ve haunted me, but still I can’t fathom what it means, as if some half-formed mind yearns for the power to speak for itself…"

- Ser Paviss, Knight Overwatch of Calrow Ruins

This free 14-page adventure for the WOIN roleplaying game system is a fantasy/horror adventure suitable for a party of grade 5 characters. Written by Aaron Infante-Levy and illustrated by Sade.

Get it for free from RPGNow or DTRPG. Also available to buy as a softcover.

Download the FREE adventure, Death on Ascalaon

"Space is the greatest thing, as it contains all things."

- THALES, Greek astronomer, mathematician, philosopher

This free 25-page adventure for the WOIN roleplaying game system is a hard sci-fi adventure suitable for a party of grade 5 characters.

Sent to investigate a tragic accident on a distant space station, the PCs soon become embroiled in a saboteur's plot and illegal human experiments using ancient alien DNA. Can they stop the saboteur before he destroys the station, and uncover the mystery of the Proteans?

Get it for free from RPGNow or DTRPG. Also available to buy as a softcover.

Fan Creations

Fan creations can be found in the downloads area. Feel free to add your own! You'll also see a number of conversion guides which can be used to easily include materials from Pathfinder, D&D, Traveller, d20 Modern/Future, FASA Star Trek, and more in your WOIN games with a little conversion work!

We also maintain a list of other fan creations we know about on this page. If you have made a tool or resource for WOIN, let us know so we can add it!

Character Sheets


Other Record Sheets & Resources

External Generators

On EN World:

  • W.O.I.N. Monster Creator. Creates the baseline stats for a monster or NPC. All you need to do is tweak it as desired and then add exploits. Simply select the creature's role, size, and Maximum Dice Pool, and the generator does the rest!

  • W.O.I.N. Random Character Descriptor. Instantly populate a bar or other location in a moment! Randomly generates a descriptor for a What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. character. You can choose an infidivual genre (O.L.D., N.E.W. or N.O.W.), or select "Mixed" to pick races/species/heritages and careers/traditions from the whole gamut of What's O.L.D. is N.E.W.

  • N.E.W. Star System Creator. Generates a star system based on the tables in N.E.W. The Roleplaying Game. This generator creates and illustrates the star(s) and shows, describes, and names all of the individual planets and moons in the system.

  • N.E.W. Terrestrial Planet Creator. Quickly creates a terrestrial planet for N.E.W. The Roleplaying Game.

  • N.E.W. Weapon Designer. Creates a science-fiction firearm or melee weapon, along with W.O.I.N stats. Roll up ten or so to stock a small science-fiction firearms shop.

  • N.E.W. Exotic Armor Designer. Creates an exotic armor type from the core rulebooks. Roll up ten or so to stock a small science-fiction armor shop.

  • N.E.W. Sci-fi Shield Creator. Create a random exotic shield. Roll up ten or so to stock a small science-fiction shop.

  • Armor/Weapons Shop. Stocks a shop with exotic weapons, armor, and shields using the above three generators.

  • Captain Wrigley's Starship Emporium. Starter ships available at Captain Wrigley's Starship Emporium on Tartarus. The perfect ship for all your trading needs! Finance available! Prices in MCr (1 MCr=1,000cr). Includes starship flaws for older vessels.

  • Wanted Poster. generate random bounties in a sci-fi game.

  • Spaceship Creator. Generates a quick human-owned spaceship, along with its captain, first officer, and cargo hold. The ship itself may have any origin of manufacture, depending on the franchise you choose, but the captain will be human. Best used to quickly generate a list of ships at a docking port, space station, or similar.

  • N.E.W. RPG Shipyard. Creates a shipyard and components stock for the N.E.W. RPG.

  • O.L.D. Spell Creator. This generator only uses the basic stats and values, not the detailed ones. You'll need to apply those manually. You can enter duration, range, area, etc. and it will give you the total MP value of your selection. Most useful when converting a spell from another system and it's more important that the spell stats are mimicked than a particular MP budget be used. You can create a surprisingly wide variety of spells with just this basic calculator.

  • O.L.D. Herb Name. Generates a herb name using the tables in the O.L.D. RPG.

  • N.E.W. Planet Name Generator. Using real astronomical format, the name of a planet. Greek letter, constellation in genitive form, and Roman numeral designating position from parent star.

  • Random Space Radio Chatter. As the PCs' ship approaches the space station, they open radio frequencies and listen to the space traffic controller handling the various ships in the vicinity.

  • Magical Incantation Generator. An assortment of magical sounding words put together in random order.

  • Sci-fi Corporation Generator. Create a quick sci-fi corporation, along with a few details about their business.

  • N.E.W. Technobabble Generator. Technobabble, ready for insertion into your sci-fi games! From auxiliary baryon capacitors to phased gravimetric distortions, it won't make sense - but say it with enough conviction and it will sound like it does!