Errata & Rules FAQ

This is the official errata and rules FAQ for the WOIN roleplaying game system.

Please ensure you have the latest versions of each book. At present this is v1.2. of N.E.W. and and v1.1 of O.L.D. The version number is indicated on the credits page.  If you have a PDF and it is not the latest version, please redownload it from where you got it. If you have trouble getting the latest version of the PDF, don't hesitate to contact us for help. All errata applies to the latest version of the book. Look for the version number in the locations shown below.

OPEN GAMING CONTENT: Errata is considered part of the WOIN Rules Reference Document, and as such all files on this page are designated as Open Gaming Content (OGC).

O.L.D. credits page

O.L.D. credits page

N.E.W. credits page

N.E.W. credits page


  • Damage. When exchanging attack dice for damage, you may do so at a 1:1 exchange rate.

  • CHARGE! Usually a basic “charge” is a move and then an attack. However, any character may pay 2d6 once per round to move and attack in one action. The Charge! universal exploit allows you to move and attack with one action, once per round, without paying 2d6. In both cases the character rmust move at least 10’ in a straight line and every square they enter must be closer to the target than the previous square.

  • Assisting. Anybody can use an action to assist another and add 1d6 (cumulative with multiple assistants) to another’s roll. The GM will decide who can assist and how many people can assist. Usually breaking down a door is a max of two people.

  • REPUTATION. REP starts at 3, not 0.

  • Critical Hits. Three 6s is an automatic hit. Three 6s which would also have normally hit is a critical hit.

  • Armour skills. Armour skills reduce the DEFENSE penalty of armour by an amount equal to the size of the relevant dice pool to a minimum penalty of 0 (e.g. 3d6 reduces the penalty by 3).

  • Armour. The following SOAKs apply:

    • Natural SOAK protects against falling, acid, and liquid-based damage.

    • Armour SOAK does not protect against falling or acid damage, or against gas or liquid-based damage.

    • Psychic damage is only SOAKed where specified.