3rd-Party & Fan Links

These are some of the fan links that we know about. Please do let us know of any more!

Google Sheets: to use these you need to select "File -> Make a copy".

Fan Creations

Fan creations can be found in the downloads area. Feel free to add your own! You'll also see a number of conversion guides which can be used to easily include materials from Pathfinder, D&D, Traveller, d20 Modern/Future, FASA Star Trek, and more in your WOIN games with a little conversion work!

Third Party Products

Because WOIN is an Open Gaming Content system, third parties are able to create products for it. Here are the ones we know about. If you have created a product compatible with WOIN, let us know so that we can add it to the list.

  • City of Brass is an electronic tools suite which includes What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. in its supported games.
  • Crow's Rest Island is a starting adventure for fantasy settings. The adventure includes illustarted pre-generated characters.
  • Digital Character Sheet by Mr. Nate has support for WOIN characters.
  • Fantasy Grounds. N.E.W. is available on the Fantasy Grounds virtual tabeltop. "This custom built ruleset features a N.E.W. themed desktop with functionality and support for creating, managing and running a campaign in the stars. It includes the What's Old is New rules and the N.E.W. rulebook in a readable format directly within Fantasy Grounds, custom character sheet, items, tables, encounters, skills and more."
  • Fantasy Grounds on Steam. The same release as above, available on Steam.
  • Memnon' Gambit. Embers Design Studio is one of the first third parties to release an adventure for the What's OLD is NEW roleplaying game system. It's a 32-page introductory time travelling adventure which lists the past, the present, and the future, designed to play in one session, and including six pregenerated characters.
  • Sunken Temple. Another adventure from Embers Design Studio, this 99-page adventure is inspired by Lovecraft.
  • Supporting Role 1: The SIlent Death. The first in a series of supplements by Mesozoic Press presents two NPCs, a god, a guild, and four new spells.
  • Starship Deck Plans. Gamer Printshop has released 4 star ship deck plans featuring What's O.L.D. is N.E.W starship game stats:

WOIN Community Publishing Syndicate

The WCPS is a place where you can sell WOIN-compatible products; items sold in the WCPS have access to more IP than those which just use the Open Gaming License.

For more information on the WCPC, click on the logo below.