Publish your own WOIN or Simply6 compatible products!

One of the aims of What's O.L.D. is N.E.W. is not just to allow fans and third party publishers to create and/or sell content for the games, but to encourage and actively support it.

The creation and sharing of fan and third-party content, both free and for sale, will only make the game better.

Third-party publishers are free to create and sell content for What's O.L.D. is N.E.W.  You can create sourcebooks, adventures, resources, expansions, and so on, and indicate compatibility.  You can also make or sell electronic applications. The license is free, and you do not need to ask permission or submit an application to use it - just make sure you understand how it works and publish away!

With all that in mind, if you want to do something for which this page doesn't give explicit permission (and there isn't much you can't do!), you can always just ask!

Looking for new content for your WOIN campaign? Or do you want to publish and sell your own adventures, sourcebooks, rules, settings, monsters, or more?

The WOIN Community Publishing Syndicate is where fans and publishers alike can release and sell their own WOIN-compatible and Simply6 products, from 2-page articles to full-fledged books! We positively encourage fan and third-party content, and we're committed to helping you sell it!

Click on the logo above to enter the WOIN Community Publishing Synducate.

What type of product can I find in the WCPS?

Here you'll find any kind of product! You can find articles, rulebooks, adventures, careers, races, monsters, spells, exploits, starships, and more.

You can find third party products designed to work with our settings, such as The Cauldron, ZEITGEIST, and Xenomorphs. And, of course, you'll find new settings here, too, created by fans and third party publishers.

Do you want to publish in the WCPS?

You are welcome to publish your own content in the WCPS! We even help you by providing free artwork you can use in your products, style guides, and other resources. We really want to make it easy for you.

There aren't many restrictions on what you can publish. Adventures, settings, rules, anything you like - the only thing we ask you not to publish here in the WCPS are standalone core rulebooks.

You don't need to learn any complicated licences. You don't even need to worry about "open gaming content" or anything - the entire contents of any official WOIN book, including a lot of our artwork (but not content from properties we ourselves have licensed from elsewhere) is yours to use as long as you don't distribute it outside the WCPS.

You can set any price you wish for your items, or you can make them free. The proceeds are split between DriveThruRPG (the store hosting this platform), EN Publishing, and you.

What's the difference between the WCPS and the OGL?

The WCPS is a lot more generous with the content you can use. The OGL gives you access to the game mechanics (as described in the WRRD), but the WCPS gives you access to all our IP, settings, and more. It also gives you creator resources, includng artwork, which can be used to help you develop your products.

What Can I Produce?

You can produce pretty much anything you want, for free or for profit. All of our IP is open to you within the WCPS, including both WOIN and Simply6. Here are some ideas:

  • Books of weapons or equipment

  • Books of exploits or traits

  • Books of careers or races

  • Character creation applications and tools

  • Other generators and applications

  • Adventures and settings

  • Resources for other creators to use

  • Material set in any ENP-owned setting such as The Cauldron, ZEITGEIST, WotBS, Xenomorphs, Dark Decade, or any of our WOIN Studios Presents settings.

  • Adventures, expansions, and other material for Simply6.

That's just a few ideas. You can probably think of more!


As we mentioned above, in the WCPS you have access to all of our settings past, present, and future. You can set adventures in those settings, or publish other material of your own in them. Want to write a mini adventure for Xenomorphs? A side-treck in ZEITGEIST? Detail a planet in The Cauldron? Go for it!

Here's what you can use:

  • SolSpace (including the Nereid and Galileo trilogies and the sectors detailed therein)

  • The Cauldron

  • War of the Burning Sky

  • Xenomorphs

  • Dark Decade

  • The Possssed

  • Ghostbreakers

  • Lower Decks


  • Any settings released under our WOIN Studios Presents line, such as the upcoming Ghostbreakers, Lower Decks, The Possessed, and more.

  • Any official WOIN adventures and the material contained therein.

  • The entire content of EONS, the online WOIN Patreon.

  • Simply6, our fast, rule-lite game.

Here's what you can't use:

  • Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000AD. Sorry, we know many of you would love to write material for 2000AD, but we don't have the ability to sublicense the property to you.

How Do I Publish Something?

Follow these instructions!

  1. First you need to create your digital product. To help you, we have provided some free creator resources (see below). We will continue to add new resources you can use in your WCPS products, or you can produce or commision your own.

    1. WOIN Art Pack (Sci-fi)

    2. WOIN Art Pack (Fantasy)

    3. WOIN Art Pack (Modern)

    4. WOIN Style Guide

  2. You need an account at DTRPG or RPGNow (they're the same store with a different skin). Go to your Account Page, scroll halfway down to a section called "My Content", and click on "Enter New Community Created Title".

  3. Enter the details of your title, agree to the Community Content Agreement, and upload your file.

  4. Your product will appear in the WCPS here.

Open Gaming Content

Is the WCPS not suited to your needs? The entire Rules Reference Document on this website (with a few listed exceptions) is designated Open Gaming Content. As long as you follow the terms of the Open gaming License, the entire WRRD is yours to use.

Note that using the Open Gaming License and using the WCPS are two different things. You do not need the OGL to publish in the WCPS, and you are not restricted to material in the WRRD. The WCPS gives you access to more IP than the OGL, but limits you to selling in that one place. The OGL gives you access only to material in the WRRD, but you can sell it anywhere.

Here are some of the third party products we know about.