Your age is determined by the total of your character's years in each career. Age falls into three broad bands – young, adult, and old. Consult the table below to find out which band you fall into, based on your species.

Players may always add extra years to their age at character creation or during downtime with no corresponding advancement.  This allows players to play older characters without unduly high attributes. NPCs may similarly have years added.

If you are young or old, you get a free age exploit. Choose any synonym for that word and insert it into your descriptor. It's up to you what adjective you choose. If you are adult, you do not need to add it to your descriptor.

Adding Years

You may always add extra years to your age during character creation. In cinematic mode, adult characters gain an additional LUC die and old characters gain a further LUC die.

Young Characters

Young characters are characterized by curiosity and brashness. You gain the following exploit. You lose the exploit when you are no longer categorized as young.

Young. Once per day, when rolling a dice pool, you may declare it to be an exploding dice pool. Any 6s that you roll may be rolled again, the new roll adding to the existing 6. If you roll a 6 again, repeat, until you roll less than a 6.

Old Characters

Old characters are characterized by experience. You gain the following exploit.

Old. Once per day, when rolling a dice pool, you may declare it to be a careful dice pool. Any 1s that you roll may be rerolled, with the new roll replacing the 1. If you roll a 1 a second time, however, you must keep the 1.

Old characters can no longer improve physical attributes (STR, AGI, END) through career advances or experience expenditure, although they may do so via other means (magic, cybernetics, etc.)

Race/Heritage/Species Young Adult Old
Android - - -
Borian 1-89 90-209 210+
Dwarf 1-89 90-209 210+
Elf 1-189 190-549 550+
Felan 1-11 12-29 30+
Human 1-25 26-59 60+
Ogre 1-19 20-39 40+
Ogron 1-19 20-39 40+
Orc 1-33 34-67 68+
Smallfolk 1-38 39-84 85+
Venetian 1-189 190-549 550+

Augmented, mutant, and designed heritages from N.O.W. are considered human for age purposes.  Grand elves (but not sylvan elves) are immortal. Ogrons have the ability to increase their STR attribute into old age, unlike other races.

Antiagiatic drugs or magical rituals can prevent old age.