Medium sentient undead evil humanoid (9d6)

Undead bloodsucking creatures of the night.

STR 15 (5d6) AGI 21 (6d6) END 15 (5d6)
INT 15 (5d6) LOG 15 (5d6) WIL 15 (5d6) 
CHA 15 (5d6) LUC 1 (1d6) REP 15 (5d6)
MAG 10 (4d6)


SOAK 14 ; VULN 1d6 holy
IMMUNE Sick, Bleeding, Fatigued

PERCEPTION 7d6 ; superior darksight, lifesense
SPEED 9; CLIMB+ 9; JUMP 42'/15'
CARRY 300lb (max lift 750lb)

REACH 5-ft

Bite 9d6 (5d6+5 damage; blood drain)
Mental Attacks (see below)

Skills history 8 (3d6), stealth 8 (3d6), disguise 8 (3d6), perception 10 (4d6), concentration 8 (3d6), hardy 10 (4d6), reactions 10 (4d6),  brawling 10 (4d6)charm* 6 (3d6), afflicton* 6 (3d6), summoning* 6 (3d6), creation* 6 (3d6)
Gear -

CALLED SHOT. When reduced to zero HEALTH, a vampire is not slain. Instead, it is paralysed. In order to slay a vampire, it must either be beheaded or staked in the heart. A vampire can remain paralysed for centuries, returning to unlife with a drop of nourishing blood. A called shot to the heart with a wooden stake can paralyse a vampire instantly.

Sunlight. Every turn that a vampire begins in direct sunlight, it suffers 1d6 fire damage. Even when not in direct sunlight, vampires suffer -2d6 to all dice pools during daylight hours.

Apotropaics. Certain items can ward off vampires. Good holy items, and garlic, inflict a -1d6 die penalty to any attribute check made by the vampire if within 10' of the offending object. This also causes considerable discomfort to the vampire.

Invitations.  Vampires cannot enter a private dwelling without an invitation from somebody who lives there.   Once an invitation has been extended, the vampire may enter freely thereafter.

Preternatural celerity.  Vampires can move incredibly fast. Once per round, on its turn, a vampire can move its SPEED as a free action, appearing as little more than a blur to onlookers.

Spiderclimb.  Vampires can scale vertical surfaces as though they were horizontal. A vampire gains a CLIMB speed equal to its regular SPEED.

Regeneration. Vampires regenerate 2d6 HEALTH at the start of every turn.  This power only works at night.

Charm. Vampires can make a mental attack as a single action against any target within 30'. If successful, the target is Charmed.

Children of the night. Once per day when in an outdoor environment, vampires can spend two actions to summon 1d6 wolves which arrive within 1d6 turns and remain under the vampire's control. This power only works at night.

Shapechange. Avampire can spend two actions to change into the shape of a wolf or a bat. It can change back by spending a further two actions. This power only works at night.

Dark arts. Vampires can create magical effects equivalent to a cantrip related to darkness or mists.

Blood drain. A bite attack allows the vampire to sink its teeth into its victim and drain its blood. This reduces the victim's END dice pool by 1d6 but does not do normal damage.  When the dice pool reaches 0d6, the victim is slain. A creature slain by the drinking of its blood by a vampire rises three days later as a vampire under its creator's control. It remains forever under the control of its creator unless its creator is destroyed. The spawn is considered permanently Dominated by its creator (see Conditions).

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