Medium super-sentient evil spirit (8d6)

Spirtual incarnations of you worst fears.

STR 0 (0d6) AGI 10 (4d6) END 6 (3d6)
INT 15 (5d6) LOG 15 (5d6) WIL 10 (4d6) 
CHA 15 (5d6) LUC 3 (2d6) REP 10 (4d6)MAG 28 (7d6)


SOAK 4 (incorporeal); VULN none
IMMUNE all physical conditions

PERCEPTION 8d6 superior darksight, lifesense
SPEED 8; CLIMB 4; JUMP 20'/0'
CARRY 60lb (max lift 0lb)

REACH 5-ft

Incorporeal Touch 4d6 (2d6 psychic damage)
Mental Attacks (see below) 8d6 (special)

Skills bluffing 10 (4d6), intimidation 10 (4d6), stealth 10 (4d6), insight 10 (4d6), perception 8 (3d6), conviction 10 (4d6), reactions 6 (3d6), dodging 10 (4d6)
Gear -

Incorporeal. A living nightmare is immune to physical attacks which do not do psionic, light, or holy damage.

Telepathy. Living nightmares communicate via telepathy; this ability is independent of language and can be used to converse with any creature it can see.

Assume Nightmare. A living nightmare embodyies one of the below emotions.  In addition to any specific effects of that transformation, assuming a nightmare transforms the living nightmare into a new form related to that emotion.

Anger. Mocking Gaze. The target is rendered enraged on a successful  mental attack.

Dread. Dread Visage. Any who can see the living nightmare immediately becomes nervous. Each round they begin within 30 feet of the living nightmare they must also make a Difficult [16] WIL check or become Afraid.

Greed. Covetous Glance. As a single action, a living nightmare can look longingly at two targets, making a mental attack against the target with the lowest MENTAL DEFENSE. If successful, the does not treat the second target as an ally for one minute, and cannot benefit from or provide bonuses such as flanking from them.

Shame. Secret Shame. As a free action, a living nightmare can cause a target within 30 feet to focus momentarily on their deepest shame. The living nightmare makes a mental attack, and if successful the target is rendered Dazed.

Assume Shape. A living nightmare can assume any form it chooses, though this form always remains medium-sized, even if the creature or object it appears as would be larger or smaller. No matter what form it assumes, the change is entirely cosmetic and has no effect on the living nightmare’s statistics. For instance, if the living nightmare were to assume the form of a dragon, it would not gain any extra attacks or a breath weapon, and it would appear as a medium-sized dragon.

Unsettling aura. A living nightmare is unpleasant to look upon, even when it appears to be an entirely normal creature. Living creatures must make a Difficult [16] WIL check upon first seeing the living nightmare or be rendered Afraid. This condition can be shaken off as normal.

Deep Slumber. A living nightmare renders one target severely Sleeping, or all targets within 30' Sleeping, with a mental attack. The sleep is fitful and full of nightmares. This condition can be shaken off as normal.

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