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Warped s3e1.1 - So, About Those Tacos?

A new season! Captain Braxton McQuaid meets with his old friend Admiral Bruce to take command of the old, Endeavour  MK-II class ship under retrofit: the Alliance of Solar Systems and Planetary Orbital Organizations Starship Explorer.  Taking a tour of the ship; he finds out that his new crew isn't exactly the brightest that the Alliance Navy has to offer.

New Characters:
IronChefBobbyFlail - Captain Braxton McQuaid - Human
PeachyPixel8 - Commander Neil Beige - Chosen Human
Simply_jxn - Chief Medical Officer Ruby Tewtie - Gris
PonyPunch - Chief Science Officer, Comms rA9 - Clockman
Zcotticus - Chief Engineer Jimmy Marinson - Augmented Human