Starship Recognition Tiles



 All of the 70+ starships from the WOIN Starship Recognition Manual on 6"x6" card tiles for easy use at the table!

These cards depict a selection of the major space craft of the United Space Force (USF), Royal Spartan Armada, along with a range of Venetian, Borian, Ogron, and civilian ships, with gorgeous art by Ian Stead and graphic design by Frank Michienzi.

The front of each tile has the ship art and various vital statistics for easy reference. The back contains the starship's stat block in full.

Perfect as a handout when your players acquire their new ship or for quick reference during a WOIN starship skirmish game. The quick stats on the front provide a range of commonly used values, including speed, shields, superstructure, and more for easy reference, while the full stat block on the back provides detailed information for when you need it.

Also included are three sheets of cardboard starship counters!

Requires the use of a What's OLD is NEW core rulebook.