REPUTATION is an important attribute which governs a number of things.

The ranks below are example generic ranks. They stop short of monarchy or equivalent hereditary positions which are not attained solely through increased reputation. You may create your own for your setting.

Note that to maintain a rank, career selections must keep a character within that organization.

Archaic Ranks

REP Watch Nobility Army
Religious Knightly
0 Guard Peasant Private Boy Novice/Acoloyte Squire Apprentice Apprentice
3 Constable Yeoman Lancespade Hand Deacon Man-at-Arms Journeyman Footpad
6 Lance-Constable Gentleman Corporal Boatswain Priest Master-at-Arms Mage Associate
9 Corporal Esquire Sergeant Sailing Master High Priest Knight Adept Finger
12 Sergeant Knight/Dame Lieutenant Quartermaster Seeker Shield Knight High Mage Hand
15 Captain Baronet Captain First Mate Archpriest Crown Knight Master Trustee
18 Deputy Inspector Baron/Baroness Major Captain Master Knight-Commander Magister Master Thief
21 Inspector Viscount/Viscountess Marshal Commodore Abbot Lord Knight Mage-Lord Lord Thief
24 Deputy Commander Earl/Count/Countess Colonel Rear Admiral Bishop Marshal Archmage Boss
27 Commander Marquess/Marquis General Vice Admiral Archbishop Warden Inquisitor Whisperer
30 Chief of Watch Duke/Duchess Field Marshal Admiral Cardinal Grand Marshal Grand Inquisitor Master of Whispers
33 Comissioner Archduke/Archduchess High Constable Fleet Admiral Patriarch/Matriarch Grand Master Grand Master Grand Master

Modern Ranks

REP Marine Police Religious
0 Private Constable Novice/Acoloyte
3 Private, first class Police Corporal Deacon
6 Lance Corporal Sergeant Priest
9 Corporal Lieutenant High Priest
12 Sergeant Captain Seeker
15 Sergeant Major Deputy Inspector Archpriest
18 Captain Inspector Master
21 Major Commander Abbot
24 Lieutenant Colonel Superintendant Bishop
27 Colonel Assistant Chief Archbishop
30 Brigadier Chief of Police Cardinal
33 General Police Commissioner Patriarch/Matriarch

Future Ranks



Marine Police Star Knight Technicians Medics
0 Crewman Private Constable Initiate Crewman Medical Assistant
3 Ensign Private, first class Police Corporal Apprentice Technician, 2nd class Medic, 2nd class
6 Lieutenant, junior grade Lance Corporal Sergeant Brother/Sister Technician, 1st class Medic, 1st class
9 Lieutenant Corporal Lieutenant Knight Junior Engineer Junior Doctor
12 Lieutenant Commander Sergeant Captain Precept Engineer Doctor
15 Commander Sergeant Major Deputy Inspector Master Senior Engineer Senior Doctor
18 Captain Captain Inspector Guardian Chief Engineer Chief Medic
21 Commodore Major Commander Champion Technical Adjutant  Medical Adjutant
24 Rear Admiral Lieutenant Colonel Superintendant Councillor Technical Director Medical Director
27 Vice Admiral Colonel Assistant Chief Consular Chief of Engineers Surgeon General
30 Admiral Brigadier Chief of Police Seneschal Assistant Secretary
33 Fleet Admiral General Police Commissioner Grandmaster Secretary


In appropriate settings, REP can be used to obtain items on credit. When attempting to obtain an item on credit, make a REP check, cube the result, and multiply by 10 (for example, a roll of 15 grants 2,250cr). If this exceeds the value of the item you are attempting to obtain, you succeed in doing so. Repayment is typically over 10 monthly installments.

Every month where an installment is not paid, the character's REP score is decreased permanently by one point. This does not alleviate the debt.

In an organization, a REP check instead forms a requisition check.


Not all games will include a salary. For those that do, characters earn a monthly salary equal to 100 times their REP score. This is a net salary, and assumes that living expenses have already been deducted.

Social Encounters

REP can be used in most situations where CHA can be used - to persuade, intimidate, and so on.