Like all exploits, psionic exploits are available to anybody who qualifies for them.

Some psionic careers offer a number of psionic exploits in the form of career exploits. In some cases, these same exploits are also available below as universal exploits; in other cases they are unique to that career or superior to the universal version. This allows GMs to exclude psionics as a whole if they wish, while retaining the powers associated with specific careers – especially where the psionic powers in a setting are strongly flavoured and narrowly focused. It also enables certain careers to gain certain psionic abilities without having to meet the same prerequisites that those accessing them via universal exploits do.

Psionic flavor comes in many forms. Whether it's a mental discipline, a wild talent, a galaxy-spanning force, or powers granted by microscopic symbiotic organisms, the GM will need to make certain overall decisions regarding the presence of psionics in the game.

Checks and attacks. Most psionic powers operate automatically, with no attribute check being required. However, if a psionic power affects an unwilling target or creature, a PSI vs. DEFENSE or MENTAL DEFENSE attack is always required.

Skills. Exploits are divided into categories (biopsionics, clairsentience, clairvoyance, ergokinesis, metapsionics, telekinesis, telepathy, and teleportation), each of which is a psionic skill which can be learned and applied to dice pools as normal.

Boosting. Psionic exploits are often more powerful the greater your PSI score. Many powers indicate that numerical elements such as range or damage are dependent upon the PSI score.

Maintenance. Powers which last until your next turn can be maintained continuously by spending an action each round. If the power required an attack roll, then this must be made each round unless otherwise stated. The power cost must be paid every round.

Power. Roll your PSI dice pool and your WIL dice pool and add the two together. You have a pool of psionic energy points (PP) equal to this roll. If your PSI or WIL dice pools increase, roll the extra die and add it to your pool. Some items, such as psionic foci, can increase this pool. When you use a power, you spend points from that pool equal to the base power level of the power (the minimum power requirement). You can meditate for 5 minutes to recover your psionic energy once per day, and you regain an amount equal to a PSI check; some exploits allow you to improve this recovery.

Psionic equipment. The equipment section of this book contains a range of psionic (and anti-psionic) gear.

The following exploits are universal exploits and require a single action to use unless otherwise noted.


Adrenalize (requires PSI 4). You can channel positive energy into somebody, granting them a +1d6 die bonus per 4 PSI to all physical attribute checks for one minute. This process is draining, however, and causes you 1d6 psionic damage for each 1d6 bonus you grant.

Biofeedback (requires PSI 4). You psychically harden your skin, gaining SOAK natural 1 +1 per PSI until your next turn.

Psychic healing (requires PSI 6). You can heal 1d6 per 6 PSI HEALTH by touch. Any given creature can only benefit from this power once per day.

Psychic resuscitation (requires PSI 6). You may stabilize a dying creature by touch by spending two actions.


Hypercognition (requires PSI 8). When you use this power, everything appears to slow down for you. For 1 round per 4 PSI, you gain an extra action each round. Using this power is a free action.

Precognition (requires PSI 4). Your natural precognition gives you a +1d6 per 4 PSI bonus to INITIATIVE checks as well as checks to access the ambush turn.

Retrocognition (requires PSI 12). You can see into the past up to 1 day per PSI until your next turn. Your view is of your current location as though you were there at the time.


Clairvoyance (requires INT 6, PSI 6). You can see and hear a location you have seen before until your next turn. You see it as though you were physically present, and do not gain additional sight powers (so if it is dark there, you do not gain darksight).


Cryrokinetic blast (requires END 6, PSI 6). You blast an opponent with a range increment of 10' with an icy cold wind. Make a PSI vs. DEFENSE attack; if you succeed, you do 1d6 per 2 PSI cold damage.

Electrokinetic blast (requires INT 6, PSI 6). You blast an opponent with a range increment of 10' with a bolt of focused electricity. Make a PSI vs. DEFENSE attack; if you succeed, you do 1d6 per 2 PSI electricity damage.

Electrokinetic fork (requires PSI 10). You let loose a 5' per 2 PSI cone of crackling, forked electricity. Make a PSI vs. DEFENSE attack against each creature in the area; if you succeed, you do 1d6 per 5 PSI electricity damage.

Pyrokinestic burst (requires END 8, PSI 12). You let loose a burst of fire in all directions. Any creature or object within 5' per 4 PSI of you takes 1d6 heat damage per 6 PSI.

Pyrokinetic blast (requires AGI 6, PSI 6). You blast an opponent with a range increment of 10' with a cascade of fire. Make a PSI vs. DEFENSE attack; if you succeed, you do 1d6 per 2 PSI fire damage.


Cannibilize (requires END 6). You are able to recover psionic energy by drawing from your body's other energy reserves. Choose any number of d6s and roll them; you gain that much psionic energy, but take the same amount of damage.

Fast recovery. You recover twice as much psionic energy during your daily meditation.

Mind shield (requires WIL 6, PSI 6). You shield your mind from psionic intrusion, gaining +4 MENTAL DEFENSE +1 per 5 PSI until your next turn.

Sense psionics (requires PSI 2). You can sense the presence of psionics within 20' +5' per 2 PSI of you.

Shield other (requires WIL 8, PSI 8; Mind Shield). You shield another's mind within 10' of you, granting them +8 MENTAL DEFENSE +1 per 4 PSI until your next turn.

Suppression. You are able to weaken the psionic power of a target you can see. Choose any number of PSI points; both yours and your target's PSI attribute are reduced by that amount until your next turn if you make a successful PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack.

Mind fortress (requires WIL 8, PSI 10; Shield Other). As Shield Other, but it affects everyone you choose within 2' per PSI of you. They must remain within that distance to stay protected.


Flight (requires PSI 10, AGI 8; Levitation). As Levitation, but you can also move horizontally.

Psychokinesis (requires PSI 9; Telekinesis). Your telekinetic control is so refined that you can effectively take any action or make any attribute check that you would normally be able to do were you standing next to the target from a distance of 5' per PSI.

Levitation (requires PSI 8; Telekinesis). You telekinetically lift yourself off the ground until your next turn. You can only move directly up and down, and may do so at a speed of 5' per 2 PSI. If the power fails, or you do not maintain it, you fall from whatever height you are currently at.

Summon (requires PSI 4). You can telekinetically call a Small or smaller object within 5' per 2 PSI to your hand by using two actions. If the object is held by someone else, it will require an opposed PSI vs. STR check.

Telekinesis (requires PSI 5; Summon). You can freely telekinetically move and manipulate single objects of size Small or smaller within 5' per 1 PSI of you. You may only manipulate one such object at a time.

Telekinetic shield (requires PSI 4). You gain +3 DEFENSE +1 per 4 PSI from a telekinetic shield until your next turn.


Empathy (requires PSI 2). You can automatically sense strong emotions in others within 30'.

Mind control (requires PSI 16; Psychic Suggestion). You control another being within 5' per PSI until your next turn by making a PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack. The creature will act as you direct; however it will not perform an action which causes it harm. If you spend an action to maintain this control over multiple turns, it lasts 1 round per PSI.

Mindprobe (requires PSI 12; Mindread). As Mindread, but you gain access to inner thoughts and secrets. This technique is painful to the target, who takes 1d6 psychic damage.

Mindread (requires PSI 10; Empathy). This invasive technique enables you to read another's mind. Make a PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack against a target within 1' per PSI. If you succeed, you are able to read uppermost thoughts until your next turn.

Mindwipe (requires PSI 14; Psychic Suggestion). You are able to erase your target's memory as far back as 1 hour per PSI. Make a PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack.

Perception filter (requires PSI 5). You render yourself hard to notice with a telepathic effect which causes others to simply ignore you. Perception filters work automatically on those with an INT attribute of less than your PSI score, while more intuitive creatures will notice you immediately. If you make an attack, the effect ends immediately. Creatures aware of you cannot thereafter be affected by the perception filter.

Psi-blast (requires PSI 4). You can use an action and make a PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack to blast an opponent with a mental burst which does 1d6 +1d6 per 4 PSI psionic damage and has a range increment of 10'.

Psychic cone (requires PSI 8; Psi-Blast). You project a 4' per PSI cone of psychic energy which causes 1d6 +1d6 per 4 PSI psychic damage to all in the area of effect.

Psychic suggestion (requires PSI 8; Telepathic Message). You can momentarily influence the thoughts and actions of another creature within 5' per PSI by making a PSI vs. MENTAL DEFENSE check. On a success, the creature will perform one action as directed by you; however it will not perform an action which causes it harm.

Telepathic message (requires PSI 4; Empathy). You develop the ability to freely send short telepathic messages to other intelligent creatures with whom you have spent time.


Blink (requires AGI 8; Dimensional step). As a reaction to an attack, you may instantly teleport up to 10' to avoid it. This grants you a +10 DEFENSE bonus and moves you to any location within 10'.

Dimensional step (requires PSI 10). You teleport up to 10' per 4 PSI to a location within sight.

Teleport (requires PSI 16; Dimensional Step). You teleport any distance up to 1AU to a location you have physically seen. This does not include locations seen by remote viewing devices.