Borian Apprentice [2d6+6 years]

Prerequisites: Borian
Attributes: STR +1, AGI +1, LOG +1, REP +1
Skill choices: [crafting], [technical], [outdoor]
Growing up on the Borian Homeworld often involves an apprenticeship in a trade or craft.

Artisan. Choose a [crafting] skill. You gain 3 ranks in that skill.

Everyman [2d6+6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: END +1, LOG +1, CHA +1, LUC +1
Skill choices: [scientific], [outdoor], computers, carousing, [performance]
Your childhood was characterized only by its unremarkability. A normal childhood and High School experience, reasonable grades, and a typical teenaged social life, perhaps you
dreamed of being something more.

Ordinary. Your very nondescript nature makes you easily able to blend in unnoticed, giving you a +1d6 bonus to attempts to bluff, disguise, or otherwise
remain visible but unremarked upon.

Experiment [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: STR +1, AGI +1, END +1, LOG +1
Skill choices: [physical]
You were the subject of tests and experiments by scientists and doctors, whether created or merely altered. Your childhood was spent in a lab.

Programming. You have been specifically bred and engineered for a purpose. At the start of a fight your ‘programming’ kicks in, granting you a +2d6 INITIATIVE bonus.

Farmhand [2d6+6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: STR +1, END +1, INT +1, WIL +1
Skill choices: [outdoor], [vehicle], [physical], [crafting], [technical]
You grew up on a farm – a wheat farm, a moisture farm, or similar.

Dreamer. You may replenish your LUCK pool once per day by spending five minutes daydreaming about wonderful possibilities.

Felan Scavenger [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: Felan.
Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LUC +2
Skill choices: [perception, stealth, survival, [local knowledge]
With their short lifespans and rapid growth to maturity, the Felan do not form strong family bonds. A youngster is soon left to fend for itself.

Scavenge. Once per day, given an hour in an urban environment, you can scavenge one item worth up to 100Cr. This exploit cannot be used during downtime.

Hacker [2d6+6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: LOG +2, LUC +1, REP +1
Skill choices: [computers, bureaucracy, cryptology, gaming, [scientific]
You were obsessed with computer systems in your adolescent years.

White-hat. You are practised at hacking and anti-hacking techniques. You can actively provide a starship control computer with a +4
ELECTRONIC DEFENSE score, and gain a +1d6 bonus to electronic attacks.

Jock [15 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: STR +1, AGI +1, END +1, CHA +1
Skill choices: [sporting], [physical], carousing, intimidation
You were a football player (or other sportsman) in High School. You developed your physical and social skills, but your academic skills fell slightly behind.

Athlete. You are able to either throw objects with a +50% to their range increment, OR gain a +2 to your SPEED.

Moisture Farmer [2d6+6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, LOG +1, LUC +1
Skill choices: driving, farming, negotiating, engineering, pilot
You grew up on a desert world, eeking out a living harvesting moisture from the atmosphere.

Technician. You are adept at maintaining and repairing old equipment, persuading it to function for far longer than it is designed to. You can make any non-functioning Medium or smaller electronic item work for up to one hour, although it will be permanently broken thereafter.

Navy Brat [2d6+6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: AGI +1, END +1, LUC +1, REP +1
Skill choices: [vehicle], computers, leadership, military trivia, brawling
You were brought up on starships, starbases, and military installations.

Petrolhead. You have a familiarity with vehicles of military design. When driving or piloting a military vehicle (but not a starship), you gain a +1d6 bonus to checks to operate it.

Novice [2d6+6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: END +1, INT +1, WIL +1, PSI +1
Skill choices: religion, [artistic], [crafting], linguistics, martial arts, concentration, meditation
You were brought up in a monastic or religious order.

Confidant. Being brought up in a monastery has given you a certain perception. You can discern a lie through a mix of intuition and experience. You gain a +1d6 bonus to discern
lies and deceptions.

Orphan [2d6 +6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: AGI +1, INT +1, CHA +1, LUC +1
Skill choices: brawling, stealth, thievery, running, bluffing, [performance]
Your childhood was not a happy one.

Urchin. You are very familiar with urban backgrounds, and are able to blend in easily. With a one-hour period in a new city, you are able to name local crime figures.

Prodigy [2d6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: INT +1, LOG +1, LUC +1
Skill choices: [scientific], engineering, computers
A veritable genius, years ahead of your classmates, you were fast-tracked through your academic career.

Unorthodox. You often have an unorthodox approach to things. Once per day you may substitute one of your mental attributes for another one for the purposes of making a single attribute check.

Scion [15 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: INT +1, CHA +1, REP +2
Skill choices: [trivia], [social], [artistic], [gaming], [sporting]
You had a privileged upbringing in a wealthy family, heir to old money. You have never known hardship.

Privileged. You gain two sets of exceptional quality clothing and 1,000 bonus credits.

Service Droid [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: Android.
Attributes: AGI +1, LOG +2, CHA +1
Skill choices: cooking, linguistics, engineering, computers, driving, accounting, navigation, astrogation
You were created to perform a specific service – perhaps as a repair droid, domestic bot, astromech, or a translator.

Unsuspicious. Everybody trusts a service droid; it doesn’t even occur to them that one might lie or attack. You gain a +1d6 bonus to all attempts to bluff or deceive or to access an
ambush turn.

Talent [2d6+6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: INT +1, WIL +1, PSI +1
Skill choices: empathy, stealth, [psionic], [performance]
You manifested undisciplined psionic ability early in life, and struggled because of it.

Empath. You can sense strong emotions in those with whom you converse.

Traveller [2d6+6 years]

Prerequisites: none.
Attributes: END +1, INT +1, LUC +1, REP +1
Skill choices: piloting, navigation, bureaucracy, computers, linguistics

Your parents travelled a lot, which gave you great exposure to the wonders and goings on of the universe.

Stargazer. Your years of travelling the space lanes has heightened your sense of location. You can identify which system you are in if you are able to see the sky (as long as you are not in uncharted space).