Medium evil sentient humanoid (7d6)        

Evil, cackling hags.

STR 6 (3d6) AGI 10 (4d6) END 6 (3d6)
INT 15 (5d6) LOG 15 (5d6) WIL 10 (4d6)
CHA 15 (5d6) LUC 3 (2d6) REP 10 (4d6)
MAG 21 (6d6)


SOAK 4; VULN none

SPEED 7; CLIMB+ 7; JUMP 20'/6'
CARRY 120lb (max lift 300lb)

REACH 5-ft

Dagger 4d6 (2d6+3 percing/poison damage; pain)
Infernal bolt 6d6 (3d6 poison damage; range 11)  

Skills hexes 6 (3d6), enchantment 6 (3d6), infliction 6 (3d6), transformation 6 (3d6), divination 6 (3d6), perception 3 (2d6), knives 1 (1d6), reactions 3 (2d6)
Gear sacrificial dagger    

Evil eye. The witch can make a 7d6 MAG mental attack at a target within sight. On a success, that target is unable to access its LUC pool for one hour.

Sacrificial dagger. The witch's dagger automatically causes the Pain condition on a hit.

Backstab. The witch leaps onto the back of a target (she must be behind the target to do this); on a successful hit, she plunges her dagger repeatedly into the target's back, doing double damage. On a miss, she is flung to the ground and lands prone.  

Maniacal cackle. The witch lets loose a deranged cackle which disturbs all who hear it. She makes a 7d6 MAG mental attack against those within 30'; on a hit, targets are made Afraid.

Raven's Flight. The witch trasnforms into a raven, with a FLY speed of 10. She immediately moves that speed. She can only use this ability once per day.  

Torturous curse. With a 7d6 MAG mental attack, the witch casts one of the following curses on a creature within 30'. She can only do this once per target per day. The effects are persistent, and last until the victim takes a night's rest.  

Amateur's amnesia. Affected creatures are unable to remember the thing they do the best — for example, for a firemage this is fire magic; for a knight this is how to fight with a sword. Affected creatures simply cannot take actions having to do with their signature talent, as determined by the GM.  

Brainless. The affected creature cannot communicate with anything more than gestures, grunts, and gibberish, nor understand other people’s linguistic communications. This does not prevent spellcasting.

Cowardly lion. The affected creature becomes Afraid of the witch.

Heartless. The affected creature cannot heal.

Layabout's lethargy. The target suffers -1d6 to all physical checks, and always go last in the INITIATIVE order.    

Madman's mirth. The witch curses foes with insane laughter. The victim suffers -1d6 on all checks due to constant chortling and giggling. Additionally, the first time the victim takes damage in each encounter, he falls prone in a sudden fit of inexplicable laughter at the pain.               

Prey for the Coven. All attacks deal an extra 1d6 necrotic damage to the affected creature. Natural animals are spooked by the affected creature. 

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