A werewolf uses the statistics of a Wolf and a Peasant (or other humanoid). See the appropriate stat blocks for each.

When in wolf form, use the regular wolf statistics with the following alterations:

  • A werewolf can only be harmed by silver weapons.
  • Those who receive a critical hit from a werewolf contract lycanthropy.
  • A dose of belladonna (wolfsbane) taken within one hour of contracting lycanthropy negates the condition if correctly prepared with a Demanding [21] LOG check. Only one such attempt can be made.
  • If slain, the werewolf reverts back to its natural humanoid form.

Lycanthropy is a disease which is contacted from a bite or other injury caused by a lycanthrope such as a werewolf. The victim forms an END countdown pool and follows the normal disease process.

Transmission Scratch or bite
Pool END
Interval Daily
Difficulty Strenuous [21]
Effect Permanant lycanthope

Once the lycanthopy become permanent, the victim involuntarily changes form at the next full moon and every full moon thereafter. He or she becomes aggressive when in that form.

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