Titanic super-sentient fey beast (17d6)

Whosoever ventures near,
Be forewarned that Death lives here.
If you should note the smell of death,
Then soon shall come your final breath.

STR 120 (15d6) AGI 45 (9d6) END 190 (19d6)
INT 66 (11d6) LOG 1 (1d6) WIL 45 (9d6) 
CHA 66 (11d6) LUC 15 (5d6) REP 45 (9d6)
MAG 105 (14d6)


SOAK 9; VULN none

PERCEPTION 17d6; lifesense 130'; spellsense 130'; truesight 
SPEED 17; CLIMB 9; JUMP 90'/90'
CARRY 3,100lb (max lift 6,000lb)

REACH 30-ft
ACTIONS 6 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later) 

Bite 9d6 (5d6+15 piercing damage)
Constrict 9d6 (7d6 curshing damage; range 6)
Skills bluffing 17 (5d6), spellcraft 18 (5d6), nature 16 (5d6), religion 18 (5d6), stealth 5 (2d6), perception 16 (5d6), concentration 6 (3d6), dodging 12 (4d6), combat 12 (4d6), summoning* 10 (4d6), creation* 10 (4d6), evocation* 6 (3d6)
Gear  -

Evermoving. In addition to his normal movement, the Voice of Rot automatically moves 10 feet after each PC’s turn. Any creature adjacent to the Voice of Rot when he ends this movement is subject to a 9d6 melee attack or take 2d6+12 blunt damage, be pushed sideways 5 feet and fall prone. If the attack fails, the creature takes no damage but can let itself be pushed aside (and remain standing). This writhing fey titan can never be slowed, restrained, immobilised, or affected by anything which would in some way restrict its movement.

Grab. The Voice of Rot's constriction attack is used to grab a target.  A creature struck by the grab attack is trapped by its immense coils and remains so until escape. It cannot leave the Voice of Rot's square or use weapons larger than size small. An escape requires a STR or AGI check against the Voice of Rot's MELEE DEFENSE and is an action which places the victim free from the coils in an adjacent square. It costs the Voice of Rot an attack each round to maintain the grab, but it does not need to make any further checks; trapped victims are automatically constricted for 6d6+13 crushing damage. The Voice of Rot can grab as many victims along its length as it has spare attacks.

Life-Draining Coils. The Voice of Rot seethes with negative energy capable of sapping the life force of creatures trapped within his coils. Every time a creature takes constriction damage from the Voice of Rot, it loses 1d6 from its maximum dice pool. A creature reduced to a 0d6 dice pool is permanently killed and can never be resurrected; otherwise the dice pool is recovered at a rate of 1d6 per hour. The Voice of Rot also recovers 2d6 HEALTH each time he drains a victim.

Titanic. The head of the Voice of Rot occupies a 20 foot square, and his body trailing behind him is 15 feet wide, a total of 300 feet long. Due to his size, he cannot turn more than 45 degrees for every 10 feet he advances (so he must travel at least 40 feet in order to turn around). 

Rotting stench. The Voice of Rot has a 120' rotting stench aura.  Any creature which enters the aura or begins its turn in the aura is subject to an 9d6 vital attack or is rendered Sick.

Awaken the swamp. The Voice of Rot can raise dead vines thick with thorns which grasp at foes, digging and crawling, and drinking their blood. The thorns occupy an area 25' radius within 100' and last for 5 minutes. Any creature which begins its turn in or enters that area is subject to a 6d6 vital attack or is Restrained and takes 6d6+13 piercing damage. The Voice of Rot can only create one such area at a time.

Sussurus of decay. The Voice of Rot growls and hisses, and those nearby find themselves fighting an urge to just let themselves die. The Voice of Rot makes a 9d6 mental against all within 60'. A successful attack causes 4d6 psychic damage and makes the victim Placid.

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