SHE WHO WRITHES (aka The Kraken)


SHE WHO WRITHES (aka The Kraken)


Titanic semi-sentient fey aquatic beast (19d6)

Arms of thousands make men weep,
She lurks in depths of murky deep.
Brave souls gone without a trace,
Grasping ships with sweet embrace.
Fishers, merchants, pirates, each
Will tremble when they see her breach.
When sailors wail ‘neath stormy skies,
It’s time for dinner, She Who Writhes.

STR 120 (15d6) AGI 21 (6d6) END 190 (19d6)
INT 21 (6d6) LOG 1 (1d6) WIL 55 (10d6) 
CHA 21 (6d6) LUC 6 (3d6) REP 55 (10d6)
MAG 21 (6d6)


SOAK 38 ; VULN none

PERCEPTION 9d6; truesight; spellsense 35'
CARRY 3,100lb (max lift 6,000lb)

REACH 30-ft
ACTIONS 6 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)  

Bite 19d6 (10d6+15 piercing damage; swallowed whole)
Tentacle 15d6 (8d6 blunt damage; range 29)           

Skills charm* 10 (4d6), compulsion* 10 (4d6), movement* 6 (3d6)
Gear -     

Tentacular.  She Who Writhes can use all six of its attacks to make tentacle attacks, but no more than three at any given target.

Swallowed whole. Victims of size enormous or smaller who are bitten by She Who Writhes' beaked mouth are automatically swallowed whole. The interior cavity of She Who Writhes is roughly twenty-five feet in diameter, with a glowing female figure in the middle. Creatures inside take 30 acid damage at the start of each turn. A creature in the interior cavity can try to cut its way out. Any attack automatically hits, and once 50 damage is dealt an opening is created which lasts until the end of the creature’s next turn.

Carnal impulse. You feel fingers caress your skin, arms clutch your body and hold them tight to an invisible lover. Your skin dews with eager sweat as some strange compulsion pulls you toward the titan’s mouth. This ability attacks one creature within 120' with a 10d6 mental attack. If successful, the target is Charmed and enticed to writhe with the titan. Before taking any other actions each turn, the creature must spend a move action to move toward the mouth of She Who Writhes and then enter her. If the target is already inside the interior cavity of She Who Writhes, it must fight any allies who are also in the interior.

Crush. She Who Writhes can grab a target with a tentacle and crush it. She can grab a target of size gigantic or smaller. Once established, She Who Writhes causes its natural damage (7d6+19 blunt) each round for free, and can move at half speed, moving her victim with it. It takes a STR or AGI melee attack action to escape the bearhug. She Who Writhes can only grab two victims in total, and retaining each grab uses up an action each turn.

Deadly undulation. She Who Writhes goes suddenly still, and a low trill shakes the air. The pitch rises, and is met by dissonant vibrations from the water. Some unheard vibration twitches your eyes in their sockets, pulses the blood in your veins. Hallucinations of grasping hands press in from your peripheral vision. Voices of everyone you’ve ever known whisper for you to join them beneath the sea. Keening wails spiral above and below inaudibly deep rumbles, until your ears begin to bleed and you would gladly die so you no longer need to listen to this madness. All creatures within 60' are attacked with a 10d6 vital attack. Those successfully attacked take 7d6+19 sonic/psychic damage, knocked prone, and are Deaf. Creatures currently deafened are immune to this attack.

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