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Gigantic semi-sentient fey reptile (12d6)

Monstrous serpents with many heads.

STR 40 (8d6)  AGI 4 (2d6)  END 30 (7d6)    
INT 50 (9d6)  LOG 3 (2d6)  WIL 4 (2d6) CHA 2 (1d6)  LUC 0 (0d6)  REP 37 (8d6)

HEALTH 120 (regen 2d6 when growing new heads)
PERCEPTION 12d6 (-1d6 for each head removed)
SPEED 14; CLIMB 7; JUMP 8'/40'    
CARRY 2800lb (max lift 8000lb)    

ACTIONS 7 (1 for each head) (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)   
Bite 12d6 (5d6+8 piercing/poison damage; nausea)  
Skills  perception 6 (3d6), combat 10 (4d6), hardy 10 (4d6)
Gear - 

CALLED SHOT. A hydra starts with 7 heads. A called shot with a slashing weapon can remove a single head.  The number of actions a hydra has available is equal to its number of heads; it may use its bite attack as many times as it has heads, although no more than three attacks can be directed at any given target in one turn. The hydra's high perception score is based on its many heads; each time a head is removed, its perception check is reduced by 1d6. 

Venomous blood.  The hydra's blood is venomous, and makes an excellent poison. A hydra's corpse provides 2d6 doses of this poison, which causes 3d6 poison damage when ingested. 

All-round sight. The hyrda is not affected by crossfire or flanking as long as it has two or more heads.

Regenerate heads (all). The hydra can use all of its actions in a round to regenerate a lost head. It grows two heads in the place of one (with a corresponding increase in actions) and regains +2d6 HEALTH. It cannot regenerate a head which has been cauterized, however. A stump can be cauterized by making a called shot (-2d6) and doing at least 5 fire damage. The hydra's SOAK does not apply to cauterization attempts, but it does not lose any HEALTH: all damage simply goes to cauterize the stump.       

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