Titanic super-sentient fey humanoid (15d6)    

Bedtime, children. Please, please hush.
You don’t want granny waking up.    

STR 120 (15d6) AGI 36 (8d6) END 190 (19d6)
INT 45 (9d6) LOG 45 (9d6) WIL 36 (8d6) 
CHA 45 (9d6) LUC 10 (4d6) REP 36 (8d6)MAG 78 (12d6)


SOAK 8; VULN none

PERCEPTION 15d6; truesight; spellsense 100' 
SPEED 15; CLIMB 8; JUMP 72'/72'
CARRY 3100lb (max lift 6000lb)

REACH 30-ft
ACTIONS 6 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)

Claw 12d6 (6d6 slashing damage; steal prowess)
Mental Attack 15d6 (8d6+8 damage)

Skills bluffing 18 (5d6), intimidation 16 (5d6), spellcraft 18 (5d6), thievery 16 (5d6), medicine18 (5d6), concentration 6 (3d6), combat 6 (3d6), tactics 6 (3d6), perception 10 (4d6)charm*10 (4d6), compulsion* 10 (4d6), affliciton* 6 (3d6), illusion* 6 (3d6)
Gear -

Evilest eyes. Granny Allswell's eyes twist and glare in different directions. Each has one evil eye power – No More Tricksy and Not So Impressive Now. She can use these powers even if dazed, stunned, or otherwise unable to take actions. However, she still only use each power once per round. Once a creature is missed by one of Granny’s eyes, that eye’s power cannot affect it for 24 hours. If Granny would be blinded, she instead loses the ability to use one of her evil eye powers (attacker’s choice). If she’s blinded by a second effect while the first is still active, she is fully blinded.

Scattered Spellbooks. Granny has hundreds of old scrolls and spellbooks in various states of disrepair, scattered throughout the Anthras Mountains. Give her a couple days and she can get access to any spell written in the last two thousand years.

Steal Prowess. Granny smacks her victim, then puts her hand to her mouth like she’s eating a morsel. If the claw hits, on the target’s next turn any time it uses an exploit, Granny gains access to that exploit and the victim loses its ability to use it until she uses steal prowess again.

Curse. Granny's voice rises to a screech as he calls down a curse upon her victim. This is a 15d6 mental with a range of 100'.  If hit, the target is affected by one of the following attacks of Granny’s choice.

Stoneshape. The target moves its speed in a direction Granny chooses. Then Granny creates a 5-square long, 2-square high wall of stone adjacent to the target. The wall has 20 HEALTH per 5' square.

Maze. The target is forced into a demiplane that resembles a labyrinthine mine. The creature can use actions to shake this effect off like any other, although it is a severe effect which requires a roll of 6. On a success, it finds an exit back to the real world, emerging in the space it previously occupied.

Hostile Juxtaposition. Granny and the target are dimensionally linked. While linked, whenever she’s targeted by an attack, as a free reaction she can make the target teleport to her space, and then she teleports to the target’s space. This ends the link. The swap can be thwarted if the target is somewhere too small for her to teleport to. The link ends of the victim moves more than a mile from Granny.

Charm. The target becomes Charmed.

Gremlin Granny. If Granny has fewer than nine gremlins, a gremlin burrows up out of the ground or emerges from a tunnel at least 30 feet from the nearest hostile creature. It acts immediately after Granny’s turn. At any time Granny Allswell can control up to nine gremlins, born out of the mountains and powered by her life force. Damage dealt to them deals an equal amount of damage to the Granny (though if a single effect damages gremlins, damage is only transferred once). They act on her turn.

No More Tricksy.  Granny cocks her left evil eye at her victim. “You play fair now,” she admonishes. This is a 15d6 mental attack with a range of 30'. If hit, the target is rendered 'mundane'. While mundane it is unable to access any exploits. This can be shaken off as though it were a condition.

Not So Impressive Now.  Granny aims her right eye at her foe and makes a mock expression of sympathy. “Aww, does widdle hero want to cwy now?” This is a 15d6 mental with a range of 30'. If hit, the target is rendered 'Unlucky'. While unlucky, the target cannot access its LUC pool, and any roll of 6 (except for when shaking off a condition) counts as a roll of 0. This can be shaken off as though it were a condition.

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