Medium semi-sentient fey monstrosity (6d6)

Horrific insane monstrosities from another realm.    

STR 5 (2d6)  AGI 6 (3d6)  END 22 (6d6)    
INT 6 (3d6)  LOG 2 (1d6)  WIL 6 (3d6) CHA 6 (3d6)  LUC 0 (0d6)  REP 10 (4d6)

HEALTH 36    
SOAK 8 (amorphous hide); VULN -; immune acid  

PERCEPTION 5d6; all-around vision
SPEED 5; SWIM 5; CLIMB 3; JUMP 12'/5'
CARRY 270lb (max lift 250lb)        

ACTIONS 3 (2 in its turn; 1 in 10 INIT points later)   
Bite 5d6 (1d6+2 piercing/acid damage)
Spit 6d6 (1d6 acid; blindness damage; range 4)

Skills   perception 4 (2d6),  swimming 4 (2d6), dodging 3 (2d6), combat  5 (2d6)
Gear -                                                                     

Fey. Fey creatures can sense magic within 10' of them. Fey creatures are highly magical.

Gibber. Gibber mouths speak insane nonsense constantly; the insanity of the words is such that any who enter or begin their turn in a 30' aura around the creature are subject to a mental attack which uses the creature's CHA (3d6) or become confused. Once a target has resisted this attack, it cannot be affected again by the same gibbermouth for one day.

Acid spit. The gibber mouth's acid spit blinds (extreme Sight track) any creature which it successfully hits unless the creature does not use sight to act.

Amorphous. A gibber has a roiling, amorphous body. It cannot be flanked, it has all-around vision, and is not affected by exploits such as Deadly Strike and Achilles Heel, which require specific locations to be targeted.        

Protoplasm string. A gibber can shoot out a string of flesh to a range of 30' and grab a target with it. This is a bite attack with a -2d6 cost, and the target is grabbed until they escape (a STR or AGI check vs. the gibber mouth's MELEE DEFENSE). It costs the gibbermouth one attack each round to maintain the grab, but further attack checks are not required. However, with a second attack (in a subsequent round), the gibbermouth can pull its victim in and engulf as long as it is medium sized or smaller. An engulfed victim automatically suffers 2d6 acid damage each round, until it escapes using the same method as escaping a grab.

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