Titanic super-sentient fey beast (17d6)

Please bless our land, o Father,
Give rains and summers warm.
Grant much in fall, o Father
And bless with every horn.
Please bless our herds, o Father,
That they may graze our fields.
Please bless our home, o Father,
And bless our evening meal.

STR 120 (15d6) AGI 21 (6d6) END 190 (19d6)
INT 21 (6d6) LOG 21 (6d6) WIL 45 (9d6) 
CHA 21 (6d6) LUC 6 (3d6) REP 45 (9d6)MAG 21 (6d6)


SOAK 34; VULN none
IMMUNE electricity

SPEED 9; CLIMB 5; JUMP 42'/42'
CARRY 3,100lb (max lift 6,000lb)

REACH 30-ft
ACTIONS 6 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)

Gore 17d6 (9d6+15 piercing/electricity damage)
Stormy presence 13d6 (7d6 electricity damage; range 26)
Stamp 9d6 (5d6+9 blunt damage; burst 6; knockdown)

Skills running 10 (4d6), nature 16 (5d6), perception 16 (5d6), concentration 6 (3d6), hardy 12 (4d6), combat 12 (4d6), creation* 10 (4d6), evocation* 10 (4d6)
Gear -

Herd crush. A herd of hoofed beasts surrounds the Father of Thunder in a quarter-mile radius. When the herd is in motion, any hostile creature in the area that the fey titan is aware of takes 2d6 blunt damage at the start of its turn. Herd animals or hoofed creatures such as horses are unharmed. Any prone creatures of size enormous or smaller in the area take 4d6 blunt damage for each turn they begin prone.

Toppled quake. If the Father of Thunder is defeated, he crashes to the ground.  The landscape within half of a mile squares buckles, creating chasms ranging from twenty to fifty feet wide.  

Stormy presence. Lightning constantly strikes around the Father of Thunder. Normally it lands harmlessly, but when a creature angers the fey titan the lightning expresses his displeasure. The Father of Thunder can only use this attack when under an open sky. This power does no damage to horned, hoofed creatures, such as deer, cows, and minotaurs. This power can also be used as a furious free reaction when somebody attempts to attack the Father of Thunder's MENTAL DEFENSE.                   

Sound and fury. Some creatures roar; the Father of Thunder embodies the storm. The roarmales a 9d6 mental attack, and attacks any creature within 120'. Victims successfully attacked are rendered Afraid, and Deaf, take 4d6+13 sonic damage, and are pushed 10' away from the Father of Thunder.                                               

Tornado. The Father of Thunder turns about and slams his hooves, too angry at you to keep running. Intense wind picks up what remains of his herd, and bleating cows begin to spiral through the air as a tornado takes form around him in an 60' aura. Ranged weapon attacks in the aura are impossible. Large or smaller creatures are subject to a 9d6 vital attack at the start of any turn they begin in the aura, or are dragged 25' toward the titan and knocked prone. Those who end their turn adjacent to him are picked up and swirled around instead, taking 6d6+13 blunt damage.           

Susceptible to booze. It would take a lake of liquor, but a drunk Father of Thunder is easier to manage - and he is far from unwilling to engage in such activities. When he gains the Drunk status, it becomes a persistent status until the next day.

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