Modern Careers

Many N.E.W. careers are also appropriate, including College, Engineer, Medic, Scientist, Burglar, Con Artist, Prisoner, Smuggler, Street Thug, Bounty Hunter, Spy, Athlete, Craftsman, Drifter, Gambler, Performer, Socialite, Trader, Diplomat, Bartender, Miner, Pilot, Priest, plus military careers.

Also see Martial Arts Careers.

Astronaut [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: [scientific] or piloting.

You trained to become an astronaut and travelled into space, either into orbit or to the moon or a similar body.

G-forces. You are trained to resist g-forces. You gain SOAK 5 to crushing damage.

Space sickness. Nearly every astronaut gets sick. You learn to ignore it. You become immune to sickness conditions.

Spacewalker. You gain a zero-g SPEED equal to your regular speed.

Dark Crusader [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: stealth.

You prowl the streets at night. More than just a vigilante, you are a symbol. You have learned how to instil fear into the hearts of criminals, and the very mention of your name is enough to make the most hardened of gangs look nervously over their shoulders.

Dark knight. You operate best at night, knowing how to use the shadows to your advantage. Once per day, during the hours of darkness, you gain a +1d6 bonus to all dice pools for one minute.

Fearful legend. Criminals fear you, and rightly so. You may make a REP vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack to inflict the afraid condition on a target until they shake it off. With a second attack, you can increase the condition to terrified.

Vanish. You are renowned for your ability to simply disappear; some even believe it to be supernatural. Once per day, during the hours of darkness, you may effectively turn invisible until you attack.

Detective [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: none.

You become a detective, expert at spotting clues and finding your man.

Clues. If there are any clues to find at a crime scene, you automatically find them.

Criminal record. You can access police databanks and automatically discover any information held on file about a suspect.

Plate number. You can request a car plate number lookup, and automatically determine the registered owner and address of registration of a vehicle.

Driver [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: driving.

You became a driver. Either a racing driver, such as Formula 1 or NASCAR, or a getaway driver. You may even have been a military driver.

Getaway. If a vehicle is within one move increment of you, you can move to it, start the engine, and move away at the vehicle's SPEED all with just two actions (one turn).

Racer. You can push a vehicle to extreme speeds, increasing its SPEED by 2.

Drag racer. You can pull away at high speed, gaining +2 acceleration to your vehicle.

Evasive driving. When you are driving a vehicle, it gains +4 DEFENSE.

Shoot 'n drive. While driving, you may take a free sidearm shot once per round in addition to your regular action.

Yee-haaa! You are adept at making vehicular jumps, and increase jump distances by 50%.

Defensive driving. Your vehicle's HANDLING class increases by one degree (to a maximum of A).

Explosives Expert [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: none.

You just love the smell of napalm in the morning. Something about the smell of explosives, or maybe the very loud boom they make, is very pleasing to you. Of course, you can’t discount the whiz of shrapnel, oh, and the display, the coruscating fireballs...

Home-cooking. You can make an explosive out of regular household items (a minimum of 4 components) with a Routine [10] INT check and a minute of work. This explosive deals 2d6 heat damage to all within 5’. The explosives can be stored, but only up to four hours.

Booby-trapping. Using a home-cooked device (made as above), a grenade, or similar explosive, you can rig a door, trunk, or object to explode when opened or at a specific time. This takes 2 actions and is obvious. By making a Challenging [13] INT check you can conceal the trap, but this takes 5 minutes; anyone activating it gets a Difficult [16] INT check to notice the trap the instant before it is set off.

Boom-boom. With a Demanding [21] INT check, you can improve an existing explosive by using the components of a similar explosive. This process takes 1 minute, and adds the radius and half the damage of the second bomb to the first. For example, two home-made explosives would combine to make one super home-made explosive that deals 3d6 heat damage to all within 10’.

Gangster [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: intimidate.

Eventually your life of crime led you to better things as you fell into a gang or crew.

Intimidating. Intimidation is your way of life, especially in the criminal underworld. When attempting to intimidate a criminal, you gain a +1d6 bonus.

Protection racket. A protection racket is a lucrative and steady stream of income. Within your REP sphere (see REP, later in this rulebook) you have a route. You gain your REP x $100 each week.

Guerilla Fighter [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: survival.

Either as a dangerous lone wolf or as part of an organized resistance, you’re experienced with waging war on the go, mounting military strikes that melt away quickly afterward. After taking a grade in this career, roll 1d6; on a 2 or less, the next career you take must be Prison.

Ambush expert. During an ambush turn you can take a second action.

Blend in. If you are a wanted fugitive or actively being pursued by someone, you can disappear into a crowd twice per day.

Hit-and-run. You can move from out of line of sight, into firing position, make an attack action, and then back to out of line of sight twice per day.

Always ready. Sleep in armor with no penalty. Anyone sneaking up on you while you sleep must make a Difficult [16] AGI check to do so.

Sabotage. You can prepare booby-traps using home-made devices as an explosives expert. There is no duration for how long one of your home-cooked devices remains potent, and it may be rigged to go off at any time.

Heavy Gunner [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: heavy weapons.

A real weapon is the kind that requires a strap, and if it doesn’t kick like a mule when you fire it, the gun just isn’t for you. Whether a specialist for a security team or mercenary group, or party of a a heavy weapons team in the military, you’ve spent plenty of time around big guns.

Rapid reload. It only takes you one action to reload a heavy weapon.

Extra bullets. Increase the clip size of any heavy weapon you wield by x 1.25 (with the exception of weapons that have a clip size of 4 or less). As soon as you relinquish it to another person, its clip size is reduced to its normal value (subtracting as many shots as you added from its current total).

This ain’t heavy. Choose one heavy weapon; when you carry one of these weapons, it does not count against your carrying capacity.

Long range. Increase the range of heavy weapons you wield by 10’.

Heavy specialty [requires This Ain't Heavy]. You deal +1d6 damage with your chosen weapon for the this ain’t heavy ability. You can repair it if broken (it takes 1 minute), and draw it as a free action.

Car wars. You do not suffer any penalties for firing mounted weapons at high speed from a vehicle.

Police Officer [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: none.

You join the police or other security force and begin a career as a uniformed officer.

Troublesense. You are easily able to spot trouble before it happens. You gain a +1d6 bonus to initiative checks.

Out of place. You know the signs of suspicious behavior. You gain a +1d6 bonus to checks made to spot unusual or criminal activity.

Freeze! You can compel a target to “freeze!” with a CHA vs. MENTAL DEFENSE check. If successful, the target stops in his tracks and is stunned for one round. The target must be able to understand you and have an INT attribute of 2 or more.

Backup. In an allied urban environment, you can call for backup once per day in the form of 1d6 police officers who arrive within 5 minutes and who will follow your orders.

Anti-surveillance. You are so familiar with surveillance devices, blind spots, and avoidance techniques that, by moving half your speed, you can render yourself invisible to electronic monitoring equipment.

Private Eye [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: none.

You snoop, bribe, tail, and occasionally get socked a few times a month in order to pay the bills. You know all the shady spots in town.

Snoop. You’ve got a good sense of when something just isn’t quite right; once per day when you roll a check to determine if someone is lying to you, re-roll all results of 1 and 2.

Contacts. You have a contact in the police force who can conduct routine checks (background, number plates, etc.) for you.

Great detective. You are used as an informal consultant by authorities who recognize your expertise. You are permitted access to crime scenes and evidence, and are often called upon.

Hardboiled. Cynical and rumpled, you gain a+4 bonus to MENTAL DEFENSE.

Vigilante [1d6 years]

Prerequisites: none.

Something about the world calls to you, asking—no, demanding—that you rise above the law to accomplish some task. You might battle crime, fight against a corrupt corporation, or work to clean the world of dirty politicians, but you are often at odds with the law, using measures they’re unable to utilize to get the job done.

Inside contacts. You know people who know people who know people. You might have a reliable ear in the underworld, a police detective neighbor that talks too much, or a wiretap to the commissioner’s phone. Regardless of your exact source, you can spend 4 hours to make a Challenging [13] INT check to learn valuable information about a specific target. For every stage you exceed the minimum check, you learn one more piece of information about the target; for example, an INT check result of 16 would tell you two pieces of information, an INT check result of 21 would tell you three pieces of information, and so on.

Territory. Choose a city or other area. In that area, you receive +1d6 on checks made to hide or move quietly while there.

Iconic vehicle. If you possess a vehicle, it gains two enhancements. If you don’t yet have one, you receive a vehicle with one enhancement.