LUCK is a special attribute. It is used as a replenishable resource which can modify other die rolls and perform special actions. It represents luck, fate, chance, destiny faith, divine favor, karma, and more.

Each player should form a LUCK dice pool.  As dice are used from the LUCK pool, simply discard them.  LUCK can be used to:

  1. Add dice to any attribute check on a 1:1 basis.
  2. Deduct dice from someone else's attribute check on a 1:1 basis.
  3. Absorb dice of damage on a 1:1 basis. Note that fractional dice cannot be absorbed (so of 2d6+3 damage, the 2d6 can be absorbed, but not the remaining 3).
  4. Add dice to a damage roll on a 1:1 basis.
  5. Gain one bonus action per turn by spending a LUC die. This can only happen during a character’s own turn.
  6. Ignore an inflicted condition as a reaction to the effect which causes it.
  7. Perform a signature move.
  8. Perform other special actions granted by careers and exploits.

Exploding Dice

LUCK dice "explode".  This means that whenever a 6 is rolled, the die is rolled again and the new roll added to the original 6.  This process is repeated if subsequent 6s are rolled. It is recommended that LUCK dice be a different color to other dice so that they can be easily distinguished.


The leadership exploit allows you to donate your LUC dice to others.

Replenishing LUCK

Once per day, a character may replenish his LUCK pool. Some careers or traditions allow for an additional replenishment; these do not stack, and you cannot gain more than one additional daily replenishment.

Other Uses of LUCK

Other uses of LUCK manipulate situations where the odds are normally even.

  1. When determining a 50/50 chance of an outcome, roll a Routine [10] LUCK check instead.  Characters with higher LUCK succeed more often on an ostensibly 50/50 chance.
  2. When randomly determining a PC, have each player roll LUCK.  Either the highest or the lowest wins, depending on the situation.