What's OLD is NEW is designed to lovingly embrace three different genres - heroic fantasy, modern action, and science fiction. Not only that, it comes with options which enable you to dial the tone from gritty realism to pure fantasy, and anything in-between. So, whether your preferred flavour is space opera, survival horror, hard science fiction, high fantasy, or gritty spy thriller, you'll find it here!

And that's not all! All three games are fully compatible, which means you can easily put your wizard in a starship or beam down to 1980s America. Have aliens invade the modern day with futuristic technology, or dabble with time travel and seek out dinosaurs, cowboys, or samurai.

WOIN is a very toolkit-oriented game. It provides you with the options and tools you need to run a game in any setting of your choosing, whether inspired by the movies or TV, or created from your own imagination. You can choose which options, technology, monsters, and genres to use.

Alternatively, you can delve into some of our premade material, such as Xenomorphs: The Fall of Somerset Landing, or the official Judge Dredd & The Worlds of 2000 AD roleplaying game, powered by WOIN!

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