Fey Titans

Titanic super-sentient fey beast (16d6)

A titanic, smoldering wolf which towers above the trees.

STR 90 (12d6)  AGI 18 (5d6)  END 68 (11d6)
INT 15 (5d6)  LOG 10 (4d6)  WIL 15 (5d6) CHA 12 (4d6)  LUC 20 (5d6)  REP 68 (11d6)
MAG 10 (4d6) fire, smoke

HEALTH 320    
SOAK 30; VULN -; IMMUNE fire

PERCEPTION 5d6 (scent 10d6); truesight; spellsense 75'
SPEED 21; CLIMB 10; JUMP 36'/36'
CARRY 25,280lb (max lift 72,000lb)

ACTIONS 6 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)   
REACH 30'                                                            

Bite 16d6 (6d6+12 piercing damage; vorpal)    
Ash breath (2) 16d6 (6d6+12 fire damage; 60' cone)                                                           

Skills jumping 17 (5d6), stealth 18 (5d6), nature 16 (5d6),  perception 16 (5d6), concentration 6 (3d6), dodging 12 (4d6), combat 12 (4d6), tracking 12 (4d6), creation* 10 (4d6)
Gear -     

Unseen.  The Ash Wolf never leaves a trail of any kind, and cannot be tracked.

Vorpal bite. The Ash Wolf's teeth are so sharp that it always scores a critical hit on a successful attack. If a victim reaches the Haemorrhage stage of the Bleeding status track, a random limb is severed.    

Charge (1).  Once per turn, the Ash Wolf can move his SPEED and then make a bite attack at the end of it.  The attack costs 2d6 but the Ash Wolf gains +1d6 damage to its attack.

Firestorm (2). Once per day, a vortex like a tornado spirals up from the forest fire, then arcs and falls upon an area 20' in radius within 80', unleashing a firestorm. All creatures within the area are attacked (MAG vs. RANGED DEFENSE), and take 6d12+12 fire damage on a hit. The area becomes a raging inferno.  Any creature which starts its turn in the area, or which enters it, is subject to the same attack.

Roar (2). The Ash Wolf can unleash a roar so loud that its victims are stricken with fear. The roar uses two actions. A roar uses END as its attack (11d6), and attacks any creature within 120'. Victims successfully attacked rendered Apprehensive [38].                                             

Pack bond (3). The Ash Wolf controls and can see through the eyes of any wolves within 1 mile. He may empower one wolf by using three actions; that wolf gains the Ash Wolf's SOAK and immunities, plus a +3d6 bonus to attacks, but any damage done to it is also dealt to the Ash Wolf.

Smoky mate (6). Once per day, the Ash Wolf can call forth the spirit of his long-dead mate, who emerges somewhere within 100'. Her body resembles a similar titanic wolf composed of ash and smoke. She has the same statistics as the Ash Wolf, except that she has the properties of a spirit, and does not have the Ash Wolf's pack bond, firestorm, smoky mate, or vorpal bite abilities. The smoky mate fades away after five minutes.


Titanic super-sentient fey beast (17d6)

Please bless our land, o Father,
Give rains and summers warm.
Grant much in fall, o Father
And bless with every horn.
Please bless our herds, o Father,
That they may graze our fields.
Please bless our home, o Father,
And bless our evening meal.

STR 100 (13d6)  AGI 4 (2d6)  END 100 (13d6)
INT 15 (5d6)  LOG 6 (3d6)  WIL 15 (5d6) CHA 20 (5d6)  LUC 20 (5d6)  REP 76 (11d6)

HEALTH 440    
SOAK 30; VULN -; IMMUNE electricity

PERCEPTION 5d6 (scent 10d6); truesight; spellsense 75'  
SPEED 19; CLIMB 10; JUMP 100'/100'
CARRY 32,000lb (max lift 80,000lb)    

ACTIONS 6 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)

Gore 17d6 (6d6+13 piercing/electricity damage)    
Stamp (3) 13d6 (4d6+13 blunt damage; knockdown; affects all within 30')
Stormy presence (2) 14d6 (6d6+13 electricity damage; range 26; see below)

Skills running 10 (4d6), nature 16 (5d6), perception 16 (5d6), concentration 6 (3d6), hardy 12 (4d6), combat 12 (4d6), creation* 10 (4d6), evocation* 10 (4d6)
Gear -

Herd crush. A herd of hoofed beasts surrounds the Father of Thunder in a quarter-mile radius. When the herd is in motion, any hostile creature in the area that the fey titan is aware of takes 2d6 blunt damage at the start of its turn. Herd animals or hoofed creatures such as horses are unharmed. Any prone creatures of size enormous or smaller in the area take 4d6 blunt damage for each turn they begin prone, and must succeed a Difficult [21] STR check to stand up.

Toppled quake. If the Father of Thunder is defeated, he crashes to the ground.  The landscape within half of a mile squares buckles, creating chasms ranging from twenty to fifty feet wide.  

Stormy presence (2/0). Lightning constantly strikes around the Father of Thunder. Normally it lands harmlessly, but when a creature angers the fey titan the lightning expresses his displeasure. The Father of Thunder can only use this attack when under an open sky. This power does no damage to horned, hoofed creatures, such as deer, cows, and minotaurs. This power can also be used as a furious free reaction when somebody attempts to attack the Father of Thunder's MENTAL DEFENSE.                                               

Sound and fury (6). Some creatures roar; the Father of Thunder embodies the storm. The roar uses all of the Father of Thunder's actions, uses END (13d6) as its attack, and attacks any creature within 120'. Victims successfully attacked are rendered Apprehensive [45], and hearing is Dulled [45], take 4d6+13 sonic damage, and are pushed 10' away from the Father of Thunder.                                               

Tornado (6). The Father of Thunder turns about and slams his hooves, too angry at you to keep running. Intense wind picks up what remains of his herd, and bleating cows begin to spiral through the air as a tornado takes form around him in an 60' aura. Ranged weapon attacks in the aura are impossible. Large or smaller creatures are subject to a 13d6 vs. MELEE DEFENSE attack at the start of any turn they begin in the aura, or are dragged 25' toward the titan and knocked prone. Those who end their turn adjacent to him are picked up and swirled around instead, taking 6d6+13 blunt damage.           

Susceptible to booze. It would take a lake of liquor, but a drunk Father of Thunder is easier to manage - and he is far from unwilling to engage in such activities. He suffers double the normal penalties for intoxication.   


Titanic super-sentient fey humanoid (15d6)    

Bedtime, children. Please, please hush.
You don’t want granny waking up.    

STR 80 (12d6)  AGI 10 (4d6)  END 75 (11d6)
INT 20 (5d6)  LOG 20 (5d6)  WIL 15 (5d6) CHA 12 (4d6)  LUC 20 (5d6)  REP 60 (10d6)

HEALTH 320    

PERCEPTION 9d6; truesight; spellsense 100'
SPEED 20; CLIMB 10; JUMP 20'/20'
CARRY 24,800lb (max lift 64,000lb)

ACTIONS 6 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)
REACH 30'                                                           

Claw 15d6 (6d6+12 slashing damage; steal prowess)    

Skills bluffing 18 (5d6), intimidation 16 (5d6), spellcraft 18 (5d6), thievery 16 (5d6), medicine 18 (5d6), concentration 6 (3d6), combat 6 (3d6), tactics 6 (3d6), perception 10 (4d6), charm* 10 (4d6), compulsion* 10 (4d6), affliciton* 6 (3d6), illusion* 6 (3d6)
Gear -

Evilest eyes. Granny Allswell's eyes twist and glare in different directions. Each has one evil eye power – No More Tricksy and Not So Impressive Now. She can use these powers even if dazed, stunned, or otherwise unable to take actions. However, she still only use each power once per round. Once a creature is missed by one of Granny’s eyes, that eye’s power cannot affect it for 24 hours. If Granny would be blinded, she instead loses the ability to use one of her evil eye powers (attacker’s choice). If she’s blinded by a second effect while the first is still active, she is fully blinded.

Scattered Spellbooks. Granny has hundreds of old scrolls and spellbooks in various states of disrepair, scattered throughout the Anthras Mountains. Give her a couple days and she can get access to any spell written in the last two thousand years.

Steal Prowess (m). Granny smacks her victim, then puts her hand to her mouth like she’s eating a morsel. If the claw hits, on the target’s next turn any time it uses an exploit, Granny gains access to that exploit and the victim loses its ability to use it until she uses steal prowess again.

Curse (1). Granny's voice rises to a screech as he calls down a curse upon her victim. This is a MAG attack vs. MENTAL DEFENSE with a range of 100'.  If hit, the target is affected by one of the following attacks of Granny’s choice.

Stoneshape. The target moves its speed in a direction Granny chooses. Then Granny creates a 5-square long, 2-square high wall of stone adjacent to the target. The wall has 20 HEALTH per 5' square.

Maze. The target is forced into a demiplane that resembles a labyrinthine mine. The creature can use actions to make Difficult [21] LOG checks. On a success, it finds an exit back to the real world, emerging in the space it previously occupied.

Hostile Juxtaposition. Granny and the target are dimensionally linked. While linked, whenever she’s targeted by an attack, as a free reaction she can make the target teleport to her space, and then she teleports to the target’s space. This ends the link. The swap can be thwarted if the target is somewhere too small for her to teleport to. The link ends of the victim moves more than a mile from Granny.

Charm. The target is Dominated [31].

Gremlin Granny (3). If Granny has fewer than nine gremlins, a gremlin burrows up out of the ground or emerges from a tunnel at least 30 feet from the nearest hostile creature. It acts immediately after Granny’s turn. At any time Granny Allswell can control up to nine gremlins, born out of the mountains and powered by her life force. Damage dealt to them deals an equal amount of damage to the Granny (though if a single effect damages gremlins, damage is only transferred once). They act on her turn.

No More Tricksy (1).  Granny cocks her left evil eye at her victim. “You play fair now,” she admonishes. This is a MAG attack vs. MENTAL DEFENSE with a range of 30'. If hit, the target is rendered 'mundane'. While mundane it is unable to access any exploits. This can be shaken off as though it were a condition (Difficult [21] WIL), and only takes one shake off to remove it completely.

Not So Impressive Now(1).  Granny aims her right eye at her foe and makes a mock expression of sympathy. “Aww, does widdle hero want to cwy now?” his is a MAG attack vs. MENTAL DEFENSE with a range of 30'. If hit, the target is rendered 'unlucky'. While unlucky, the target cannot access its LUC pool, and any roll of 6 counts as a roll of 0. This can be shaken off as though it were a condition (Difficult [21] WIL), and only takes one shake off to remove it completely.

SHE WHO WRITHES (aka The Kraken)
Titanic semi-sentient fey aquatic beast (19d6)

Arms of thousands make men weep,
She lurks in depths of murky deep.
Brave souls gone without a trace,
Grasping ships with sweet embrace.
Fishers, merchants, pirates, each
Will tremble when they see her breach.
When sailors wail ‘neath stormy skies,
It’s time for dinner, She Who Writhes.

STR 200 (19d6)  AGI 4 (2d6)  END 150 (16d6)    
INT 7 (4d6)  LOG 6 (4d6)  WIL 3 (2d6) CHA 20 (5d6)  LUC 0 (0d6)  REP 95 (13d6)

SOAK 30; VULN -    

PERCEPTION 2d6; truesight; spellsense 35' 
SWIM+ 25
CARRY 56,000lb (max lift 160,000lb)    

ACTIONS 6 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)       
NATURAL DAMAGE 7d6+19      
REACH 30'                                                        

Tentacle 19d6 (7d6+19 blunt damage; range 120')
Bite 19d6 (7d6+19 percing damage;  swallowed whole)             

Skills charm* 10 (4d6), compulsion* 10 (4d6), movement* 6 (3d6)
Gear -     

Tentacular.  She Who Writhes can use all six of its attacks to make tentacle attacks, but no more than three at any given target.

Swallowed whole. Victims of size enormous or smaller who are bitten by She Who Writhes' beaked mouth are automatically swallowed whole. The interior cavity of She Who Writhes is roughly twenty-five feet in diameter, with a glowing female figure in the middle. Creatures inside take 30 acid damage at the start of each turn. A creature in the interior cavity can try to cut its way out. Any attack automatically hits, and once 50 damage is dealt an opening is created which lasts until the end of the creature’s next turn.

Carnal impulse (2). You feel fingers caress your skin, arms clutch your body and hold them tight to an invisible lover. Your skin dews with eager sweat as some strange compulsion pulls you toward the titan’s mouth. This ability attacks one creature within 120' with a CHA (9d6) vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack. If successful, the target is Dominated [31] and enticed to writhe with the titan. Before taking any other actions each turn, the creature must spend a move action to move toward the mouth of She Who Writhes and then enter her. If the target is already inside the interior cavity of She Who Writhes, it must fight any allies who are also in the interior.

Crush (3). She Who Writhes can grab a target with a tentacle and crush it. She can grab a target of size gigantic or smaller. Once established, She Who Writhes causes its natural damage (7d6+19 blunt) each round for free, and can move at half speed, moving her victim with it. It takes a STR or AGI attack action to escape the bearhug. She Who Writhes can only grab two victims in total, and retaining each grab uses up two actions each turn.

Deadly undulation (6). She Who Writhes goes suddenly still, and a low trill shakes the air. The pitch rises, and is met by dissonant vibrations from the water. Some unheard vibration twitches your eyes in their sockets, pulses the blood in your veins. Hallucinations of grasping hands press in from your peripheral vision. Voices of everyone you’ve ever known whisper for you to join them beneath the sea. Keening wails spiral above and below inaudibly deep rumbles, until your ears begin to bleed and you would gladly die so you no longer need to listen to this madness. All creatures within 60' are attacked with END (16d6) vs. MELEE DEFENSE. Those successfully attacked take 7d6+19 sonic/psychic damage, knocked prone, and are Deafened [56]. Creatures currently deafened are immune to this attack.


Titanic super-sentient fey beast (17d6)

Whosoever ventures near,
Be forewarned that Death lives here.
If you should note the smell of death,
Then soon shall come your final breath.

STR 100 (13d6)  AGI 8 (3d6)  END 100 (13d6)
INT 26 (6d6)  LOG 22 (6d6)  WIL 22 (6d6) CHA 30 (7d6)  LUC 20 (5d6)  REP 76 (11d6)

HEALTH 380    
SOAK 30 (head 10); VULN -    

PERCEPTION 6d6; lifesense 130'; spellsense 130'; truesight                                                        
SPEED 5; CLIMB 5; SWIM+ 5; JUMP 16'/100'    
CARRY 32,000lb (max lift 80,000lb)

ACTIONS 6 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)   
REACH 30'                                                            

Bite 17d6 (6d6+13 piercing damage and grabbed; one creature in a 30' cone)
Constrict 15d6 (6d6+13 crushing damage and grabbed; life-draining coils)
Skills bluffing 17 (5d6), spellcraft 18 (5d6), nature 16 (5d6), religion 18 (5d6), stealth 5 (2d6), perception 16 (5d6), concentration 6 (3d6), dodging 12 (4d6), combat 12 (4d6), summoning* 10 (4d6), creation* 10 (4d6), evocation* 6 (3d6)
Gear  -

Evermoving. In addition to his normal movement, the Voice of Rot automatically moves 10 feet after each PC’s turn. Any creature adjacent to the Voice of Rot when he ends this movement is subject to a STR (13d6) attack or take 2d6+12 damage, be pushed sideways 5 feet and fall prone. If the attack fails, the creature takes no damage but can let itself be pushed aside (and remain standing). This writhing fey titan can never be slowed, restrained, immobilised, or affected by anything which would in some way restrict its movement.

Grab. The Voice of Rot's constriction attack is used to grab a target. A grab is an attack with a -2d6 cost (already factored in, above). A creature struck by the grab attack is trapped by its immense coils and remains so until escape. It cannot leave the Voice of Rot's square or use weapons larger than size small. An escape requires a STR or AGI check against the Voice of Rot's MELEE DEFENSE and is an action which places the victim free from the coils in an adjacent square. It costs the Voice of Rot an attack each round to maintain the grab, but it does not need to make any further checks; trapped victims are automatically constricted for 6d6+13 crushing damage. The Voice of Rot can grab as many victims along its length as it has spare attacks.

Life-Draining Coils. The Voice of Rot seethes with negative energy capable of sapping the life force of creatures trapped within his coils. Every time a creature takes constriction damage from the Voice of Rot, it loses 1d6 from its maximum dice pool. A creature reduced to a 0d6 dice pool is permanently killed; otherwise the dice pool is recovered at a rate ion 1d6 per hour. The Voice of Rot also recovers 2d6 HEALTH each time he drains a victim.

Titanic. The head of the Voice of Rot occupies a 20 foot square, and his body trailing behind him is 15 feet wide, a total of 300 feet long. His great size reduces his SPEED to 5. Any part of his body can be targeted, but he has SOAK 30 everywhere but his head, which has SOAK 10. Due to his size, he cannot turn more than 45 degrees for every 10 feet he advances (so he must travel at least 40 feet in order to turn around). 

Rotting stench. The Voice of Rot has a 120' rotting stench aura.  Any creature which enters the aura or begins its turn in the aura is subject to an END (13d6) vs. MELEE DEFENSE attack or is rendered Queasy [45].

Awaken the swamp (2). The Voice of Rot can raise dead vines thick with thorns which grasp at foes, digging and crawling, and drinking their blood. The thorns occupy an area 25' radius within 100' and last for 5 minutes. Any creature which begins its turn in or enters that area is subject to a MAG (6d6) vs. MELEE DEFENSE attack or is Hindered [21] and takes 6d6+13 piercing damage. The Voice of Rot can only create one such area at a time.

Sussurus of decay (3). The Voice of Rot growls and hisses, and those nearby find themselves fihgintg an urge to just let themselves die. The Voice of Rot makes a CHA (7d6) attack vs. MENTAL DEFENSE against all within 60'. A successful attack causes 4d6 psychic damage and makes the victim Agreeable [24].