Exploits are single abilities or traits.  Exploits can be gained in various ways.

  • Each race, species, or heritage grants a number of exploits.
  • Every time a character chooses a new career grade, she gains one exploit of her choice from the choice of exploits listed in that career.
  • Young and old characters gain a free age exploit.
  • You get one attribute exploit based on your lowest or your highest attribute.
  • Monsters can have their own unique monster exploits.
  • Equipment or starships can have attached equipment exploits useable by anyone using the item or ship in question.
  • Characters may purchase universal exploits with experience points. Additionally, every character begins play with either Aim or Feint for free.

Costs. Some exploits modify existing actions or attacks, but they carry a cost. The character deducts ("pays") the indicated number of dice from his dice pool to gain the effect of the exploit. Multiple exploits may be stacked on a single action by paying the combined cost.

Using Universal Exploits

You may only use a given universal exploit once per turn. After that, you may not use that exploit until your next turn. When you use exploits, you may stack multiple exploits into the one usage (for example, stacking deadly strike, and a knockdown into a melee attack).