Equipment includes basic gear, armor, and weapons, as well as cybernetics and drugs.

Equipment allows a character to perform a task without suffering the -2d6 penalty for improved gear. It does not usually provide a bonus unless it is of high quality or better.


All equipment has a quality level.  See dice pools for how high quality equipment forms part of a dice pool.

An item cannot change quality, or be upgraded to a higher quality.

Quality affects equipment as follows:

Quality Cost Dice Pool Rarity Min. Skill Upgrades Armor Vehicle
Improvised - -2d6 - - - - -
Standard Normal - Common - - - -
High x3 then +100 +1d6 Uncommon 1 (1d6; proficient) +1 +2 SOAK +1 SPEED
Exceptional x5 then +250 +2d6 Rare 3 (2d6; skilled) +1 +4 SOAK +2 SPEED
Mastercraft x10 then +500 +3d6 Very rare 6 (3d6; expert) +2 +6 SOAK +3 SPEED
Artisanal x100 then +1,000 +4d6 Very rare 10 (4d6; mastery) +2 +8 SOAK +5 SPEED
Legendary x1,000 then +2.500 +5d6 Unique 15 (5d6; authority) +3 +10 SOAK +10 SPEED

Dice Pool.  This indicates the contribution to a dice pool that high quality equipment grants (subject to minimum skill limits).

Rarity. This is an indication of how common high quality equipment is. 

Min. Skill. Effective equipment quality is limited by skill level (see dice pools). This applies to all equipment, including gear, weapons, and armor. If the user does not have the minimum skill level required to benefit from equipment's quality, then the quality of the equipment is effectively reduced to match the user's skill level.  For example, a character with 3 ranks (2d6; skilled) in light armor treats artisanal light armor as exceptional.

Upgrades. Weapons and armor can be upgraded, adding new features. The upgrade capacity is given by its size (for weapons) or type (for armor).  Higher quality weapons and armor gain additional upgrade slots.

Armor. High quality armor gains a SOAK bonus.

Vehicle. High quality vehicles gain a SPEED bonus.


Upgrade slots can be used for technical customizations or magical enchantments on weapons and armor.

  • Small weapons have one upgrade slot; medium weapons have two upgrade slots; large weapons have three upgrade slots.
  • Light armor has one upgrade slot; medium armor has two upgrade slots; heavy armor has three upgrade slots.
  • Small vehicles have two upgrade slots; medium vehicles have six upgrade slots; enormous vehicles have ten upgrade slots; gigantic vehicles have 15 upgrade slots.

Additional upgrade slots are granted to higher quality equipment (see above).


Equipment in the equipment list is marked with an availability code. This indicates the eras and genres in which it is available.

The number indicates the era, and the letter indicates the genre.