Medium evil super-sentient demon (10d6)  

Keeper of the plague.

STR 6 (3d6) AGI 15 (5d6) END 6 (3d6)
INT 21 (6d6) LOG 21 (6d6) WIL 15 (5d6) 
CHA 21 (6d6) LUC 6 (3d6) REP 15 (5d6)
MAG 36 (8d6)


SOAK 5 (requires silver or holy, immune to fire); VULN none
IMMUNE fire, poison

PERCEPTION 10d6; truesight
SPEED 10; CLIMB 5; JUMP 30'/6'
CARRY 120lb (max lift 300lb)

REACH 5-ft

Claw 5d6 (3d6+3 slashing/unholy/poison damage; nausea)

Skills bluffing 15 (5d6), religion 15 (5d6), charm*10 (4d6), compulsion 10 (4d6), illusion*10 (4d6), creation 10 (4d6),  summoning 10 (4d6), intuition 10 (4d6), concentration 10 (4d6), dodging 6 (3d6), combat 6 (3d6), tactics 10 (4d6), hardy 10 (4d6), perception 10 (4d6)
Gear -    

Always prepared. Raskillon has a brilliant tactical mind, and is always prepared. They may declare a single action which he took prior to the encounter (even if he didn't know the encounter was going to take place) which helps him in this exact scenario. This must be an action he was capable of.

Masters of vermin. Raskillon can control all vermin (rats and the like) and insects within 100'. By spending all its actions, Raskillon can summon an insect swarm or a vermin swarm which appears within 30' of the demon.

Domineer. One target within 30' becomes Charmed with a MAG (8d6) mental attack; Raskillon can also sense whatever the creature senses, even if it goes beyond range. The creature is unaware that it has been controlled, and cannot shake off the effect. The effect ends at the end of its 1-day duration.

Nauseaus claws. Any hit from Raskillon's claw makes the target Sick. A critical hit also infects the victim with flesh rot.

Taunt. Raskillon taunts its target, enraging it, and makes a CHA (6d6) mental attack. If successful, the target focuses all its attacks on Raskillon until the start of Raskillon's next turn.

Corruption. Make a CHA mental attack against one target. If successful, the target gains one Dark point.

Demonic traits
Demons include devils, fiends, daemons, succubi, and more. Demons are usually unique.

  • Demons have the Evil virtue and can automatically sense Good within 5' per point of INT. They also have truesight.
  • Demons are ancient and immortal and cannot be killed. Destroying a demon banishes it from that realm for 99 years.
  • Demons are immune to fire and heat damage. Demons are immune to weapons which do not do holy damage or which are not made of silver.
  • A demon can use all its actions for the turn to possess a victim within 5' per point of WIL; to do so, it makes a MAG mental attack.
  • Demons can cause seeming accidents which do their natural damage. This is a LOG attack with a range of line-of-sight.
  • Any sentient or super-sentient creature can sell its soul in the presence of a demon. Doing so merely requires the creature to make a clear, non-coerced agreement, either verbal or written. Selling one’s soul to a demon is an irreversible diabolical pact and gives the seller the Evil virtue.
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