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Colossal evil super-sentient demon (25d6)

Lord of all evil, chief of demons.

STR 36 (8d6) AGI 91 (13d6) END 36 (8d6)
INT 120 (15d6) LOG 120 (15d6) WIL 91 (13d6) 
CHA 120 (15d6) LUC 28 (7d6) REP 91 (13d6)
MAG 210 (20d6)


SOAK 13 (requires silver or holy, immune to fire); VULN none
IMMUNE Burning, fire

PERCEPTION 25d6; truesight
SPEED 25; CLIMB 13; JUMP 182'/36'
CARRY 720lb (max lift 1800lb)

REACH 20-ft

Trident 13d6 (7d6+8 piercing/fire/necrotic damage)
Firebolt 19d6 (10d6 fire damage; range 38)
Mental Attack 25d6 (13d6+13 damage)

Skills combat 15 (5d6), perception 55 (10d6), tactics 55 (10d6), all social skils 20 (10d6), all magical skills 15 (5d6)

Dominate. With a 25d6 mental attack, Lazrakash can render a target within sight Charmed. Alternately, he may choose to render the victim Afraid, Angry, or Confused, 

Teleport. As an action, Lazrakash can teleport to any location within sight.

Any form. At any time, Lazrakash can look and sound like any form, of any size or type, he chooses. This form deceives truesight, or any other detection abilities or items.

Master of evil. Any creature with the evil virtue within 90' must always obey Lazrakash.

Prince of lies. Nothing can detect lies told by Lazrakash; this overrides all abilities, exploits, technology, spells, or any other effects which would normally detect deceptions.

Demonic traits
Demons include devils, fiends, daemons, succubi, and more. Demons are usually unique.

  • Demons have the Evil virtue and can automatically sense Good within 5' per point of INT. They also have truesight.
  • Demons are ancient and immortal and cannot be killed. Destroying a demon banishes it from that realm for 99 years.
  • Demons are immune to fire and heat damage. Demons are immune to weapons which do not do holy damage or which are not made of silver.
  • A demon can use all its actions for the turn to possess a victim within 5' per point of WIL; to do so, it makes a MAG mental attack.
  • Demons can cause seeming accidents which do their natural damage. This is a LOG attack with a range of line-of-sight.
  • Any sentient or super-sentient creature can sell its soul in the presence of a demon. Doing so merely requires the creature to make a clear, non-coerced agreement, either verbal or written. Selling one’s soul to a demon is an irreversible diabolical pact and gives the seller the Evil virtue.
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