Enormous evil semi-sentient demonic beast (10d6)    

Guardian of the underworld.

STR 21 (6d6) AGI 6 (3d6) END 21 (6d6)
INT 15 (5d6) LOG 1 (1d6) WIL 15 (5d6) 
CHA 6 (3d6) LUC 3 (2d6) REP 15 (5d6)
MAG 6 (3d6)


HEALTH 50 each head
SOAK 20 (requires silver or holy, immune to fire), 40 vs ranged; VULN none
IMMUNE fire, poison

PERCEPTION 10d6; truesight
SPEED 5; CLIMB 3; JUMP 12'/12'
CARRY 420lb (max lift 1050lb)

REACH 10-ft

Bite 10d6 (5d6+6 piercing/unholy damage)
Snake tail 8d6 (4d6 damage; piercing/poison damage; rear only; reach 15')
Poison bile 5d6 (3d6+5 poison damage; 20' cone; nausea)

Skills hardy 105 (14d6), combat 10 (4d6), perception 15 (5d6), reactions 3 (2d6)
Gear -
Three heads. Cerberus has three heads, giving him an additional two actions beyond normal. This also gives him all-round sight; he is not affected by crossfire or flanking.

Three lives. Every time Cerberus is reduced to 0 HEALTH, one of his three heads is disabled and his HEALTH is restored to maximum again. Only when the third head has been disabled is Cerberus defeated. He loses one action per round each time a head is disabled, and loses his all-around sight when reduced to one head.

Guardian of the underworld. Cerberus cannot be ambushed.

Monumental. Cerburus has double SOAK against ranged weapons (included above).

Acid blood. Cerberus has acidic blood. In addition to making him immune to acid, melee attackers which cause more than 10 slashing or piercing damage in a single blow take 1d6 acid damage from the blood splash.    

Pounce. With a single leap, Cerberus leaps upon his victim, bearing it to the ground and inflicting his regular bite damage. The target must be within Cerberus' horizontal jump distance (12').

Quake. Quake. Cerberus slams a mighty paw on the ground, shaking the area within 30'. He makes a 5d6 melee attack against everybody within the area, knocking targets prone and doing 1d6 blunt damage to them.

Demonic traits
Demons include devils, fiends, daemons, succubi, and more. Demons are usually unique.

  • Demons have the Evil virtue and can automatically sense Good within 5' per point of INT. They also have truesight.
  • Demons are ancient and immortal and cannot be killed. Destroying a demon banishes it from that realm for 99 years.
  • Demons are immune to fire and heat damage. Demons are immune to weapons which do not do holy damage or which are not made of silver.
  • A demon can use all its actions for the turn to possess a victim within 5' per point of WIL; to do so, it makes a MAG mental attack.
  • Demons can cause seeming accidents which do their natural damage. This is a LOG attack with a range of line-of-sight.
  • Any sentient or super-sentient creature can sell its soul in the presence of a demon. Doing so merely requires the creature to make a clear, non-coerced agreement, either verbal or written. Selling one’s soul to a demon is an irreversible diabolical pact and gives the seller the Evil virtue.
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