Medium sentient evil demon (15d6)

Lady of the Forked Tongue.  

STR 15 (5d6) AGI 36 (8d6) END 15 (5d6)
INT 45 (9d6) LOG 45 (9d6) WIL 36 (8d6) 
CHA 45 (9d6) LUC 10 (4d6) REP 36 (8d6)
MAG 78 (12d6)


HEALTH 45 (regenerate 2d6)
SOAK 8 (requires silver or holy); VULN none
IMMUNE fire, poison

PERCEPTION 15d6; truesight; bloodsense
SPEED 15; CLIMB 8; JUMP 72'/15'
CARRY 300lb (max lift 750lb)

REACH 5-ft

Claws 8d6 (4d6+5 piercing/unholy damage)
Spiked chain 12d6 (6d6 percing/unholy damage; range 23)

Skills thievery 8 (3d6), bluffing 10 (4d6), stealth 10 (4d6), linguistics 10 (4d6), perception 10 (4d6), meditation 12 (4d6), dodging 10 (4d6), combat 6 (3d6), illusion 10 (4d6), charm 10 (4d6), creation 6 (3d6), hardy 10 (4d6), religion 12 (4d6), tactics/reactions 21 (6d6)
Gear legendary spiked chain                                                               

Prophecy. Ashima-Shimtu can cause seeming accidents which do her natural damage of 4d6+5.  This is a 4d6 ranged attack with a range of line-of-sight.

Bloodsense. Ashima-Shimtu can sense the presence of living creatures within 60' (as lifesense).

Telepathy. Ashima-Shimtu can communicate directly with any creature she can see using telepathy.

Lady of deception. Ashima-Shimtu always detects lies.

Terrible rejuvenation. Whenever a creature is affected by Ashima-Shimtu's fear aura, she regains 3d6 HEALTH.

Fear aura. A 30' aura of fear surrounds Ashima-Shimtu.  Whenever a creature enters or starts its turn in the aura, it is automatically subject to a 5d6 mental attack which, if successful, renders the target Afraid.

Always prepared. Ashima-Shimtu has a brilliant tactical mind, and is always prepared. She may declare a single action which she took prior to the encounter (even if she didn't know the encounter was going to take place) which helps her in this exact scenario. This must be an action she was capable of.

Sidestep. Once per turn, as a reaction, when charged by an attacker, Ashima-Shimtu casually steps aside, causing it to rush past her. If the attacker's attack misses, it continues onwards in a straight line to the extent of its movement, unless something blocks his way. If it collides with a solid object, it takes 1d6 blunt damage.

Prestidigitation. Ashima-Shimtu can perform any cantrip-level magical effect at-will as a single action.

Shield of lies. Ashima-Shimtu can appear to be in a location slightly different to her actual location.  This requires concentration (1 action per round) but grants her +4 to her MELEE and RANGED DEFENSEs.

Shapechange Ashima-Shimtu can change shape to any small, medium, or large humanoid by uing all her actions. Reverting to her normal form is a free action.

Create illusion. Ashima-Shimtu can create convincing illusions which include all the senses.  The illusions must be size Large or smaller. The illusion is created with two actions, and can thereafter be maintained and controlled with one action per round.

Animate chains.  This spell causes spiked chains to appear and attack Ashima-Shimtu's victim, attacking with MAG ranged attack at a range of up to 50', and doing 3d6 piercing/unholy damage.  A successful hit renders the victim Restrained as the chains wrap around the target. The chains can only attack one victim at a time.

Confusion.  Ashima-Shimtu can whisper magical words of confusion and lies, making a MAG mental attack against a creature within 30'. If successful, the target becomes Confused.

Corruption. Making a CHA mental attack against one target, the target gains one Dark point.

Demonic traits
emons include devils, fiends, daemons, succubi, and more. Demons are usually unique.

  • Demons have the Evil virtue and can automatically sense Good within 5' per point of INT. They also have truesight.
  • Demons are ancient and immortal and cannot be killed. Destroying a demon banishes it from that realm for 99 years.
  • Demons are immune to fire and heat damage. Demons are immune to weapons which do not do holy damage or which are not made of silver.
  • A demon can use all its actions for the turn to possess a victim within 5' per point of WIL; to do so, it makes a MAG mental attack.
  • Demons can cause seeming accidents which do their natural damage. This is a LOG attack with a range of line-of-sight.
  • Any sentient or super-sentient creature can sell its soul in the presence of a demon. Doing so merely requires the creature to make a clear, non-coerced agreement, either verbal or written. Selling one’s soul to a demon is an irreversible diabolical pact and gives the seller the Evil virtue.
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