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Gigantic sentient aquatic fey reptile (13d6)

Mighty, devious serpent lords of swamp and marsh.

STR 50 (9d6)  AGI 20 (5d6)  END 40 (8d6)    
INT 25 (6d6)  LOG 15 (5d6)  WIL 10 (4d6) CHA 10 (4d6)  LUC 10 (4d6)  REP 45 (9d6)

SOAK 20 (dragonscale); VULN 1d6 (cold); immune poison

PERCEPTION 10d6; superior darksight; spellsense 125'
SPEED 18; SWIM+ 18; FLY+ 36; CLIMB 9; JUMP 40'/50'
CARRY 3,600lb (max lift 10,000lb)    

ACTIONS 4 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)   
REACH 15'    

Bite 13d6 (5d6+9 piercing/poison damage; nausea)    
Claws 13d6 (4d6+9 slashing/poison damage; nausea)    
Tail swipe 13d6 (3d6+9 blunt damage)
Poison breath cloud (2) 8d6 (4d6 poison damage; 60' cone; nausea) 
Roar (2) 8d6 (special; 60' aura)   

Skills nature 10 (4d6), bluffing 10 (4d6), stealth 10 (4d6),  perception 10 (4d6), concentration10 (4d6), combat 10 (4d6), creation* 4 (2d6), hardy 10 (4d6)
Gear -   

Camouflage. The swamp dragon blends in perfectly wth its surroundings.  When in swampy terrain, the dragon is considered invisible as long as it does not move.

Poison.  All poison damage from the dragon render the victim Sick. This includes successful attacks from its claws, bite, or breath weapon.

Disease. Any creature reduced to 0 HEALTH by the dragon, even if it recovers, contracts Moor Plague (see illnesses).

Tail swipe (1). The dragon's tail swipe affects all targets in a 30' cone to the rear of the creature. On a successul hit, the target is flung 3 squares plus one square for each size category the dragon exceeds the target (so a medium-sized creature is flung 6 squares) and lands prone.

Roar (2). Dragons can unleash a roar so loud that its victims are stricken with fear. The roar uses two actions. A roar uses an 8d6 mental attack against any creature within 60'. Victims successfully attacked gain the Afraid condition].

Breath weapon (2).  The dragon can breath a poison gas cloud in a 60' cone by using two actions. This attacks all creatures in the area and uses END (8d6) as its attack.

Beguile (2). The dragon can make a MAG mental attack to Charm a single target within 30'.

Control nature (2). The dragon can control the surrounding area, making it difficult terrain in a circle with a 60' radius entered on the dragon.  It is immune to the effects of this terrain. 

Swamp mastery (2). The dragon is able to produce minor magical effects (equivalent to a cantrip) related to water, mist, and plants, at will.

Raise mists (2). Swamp dragons can raise mists sound them in a 60' radius area entered on on the dragon by spending two actions. The vision of any creature which begins its turn in the mist is made Blind.

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