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Titanic super-sentient fey beast (16d6)

A titanic, smoldering wolf which towers above the trees.

STR 120 (15d6) AGI 15 (5d6) END 190 (19d6)
INT 21 (6d6) LOG 21 (6d6) WIL 36 (8d6) 
CHA 15 (5d6) LUC 6 (3d6) REP 36 (8d6)
MAG 15 (5d6)


SOAK 32 ; VULN none

PERCEPTION 8d6; truesight; spellsense 75'
SPEED 8; CLIMB 4; JUMP 30'/30'
CARRY 3,100lb (max lift 6,000lb)

REACH 30-ft
ACTIONS 6 (2 in its turn; 1 every 5 INIT points later)

Bite 16d6 (8d6+15 piercing damage; vorpal)
Ash breath 12d6 (6d6 fire damage; 60' cone)                                                    

Skills jumping 17 (5d6), stealth 18 (5d6), nature 16 (5d6),  perception 16 (5d6), concentration 6 (3d6), dodging 12 (4d6), combat 12 (4d6), tracking 12 (4d6), creation* 10 (4d6)
Gear -     

Unseen.  The Ash Wolf never leaves a trail of any kind, and cannot be tracked.

Vorpal bite. The Ash Wolf's teeth are so sharp that it always scores a critical hit on a successful attack. If a victim takes half or mor eof its HEALTH from a bite attack, a random limb is servered. 

Charge.  Once per turn, the Ash Wolf can move his SPEED and then make a bite attack at the end of it.  The Ash Wolf gains +1d6 damage to its attack.

Firestorm. Once per day, a vortex like a tornado spirals up from the forest fire, then arcs and falls upon an area 20' in radius within 80', unleashing a firestorm. All creatures within the area are attacked 8d6, and take 6d12+12 fire damage on a hit. The area becomes a raging inferno.  Any creature which starts its turn in the area, or which enters it, itakes 2d6 fire damage.

Roar. The Ash Wolf can unleash a roar so loud that its victims are stricken with fear. A makes an 8d6 mental attack against any creature within 80'. Victims successfully attacked rendered Afriad.                                             

Pack bond. The Ash Wolf controls and can see through the eyes of any wolves within 1 mile. He may empower one wolf by using three actions; that wolf gains the Ash Wolf's SOAK and immunities, plus a +3d6 bonus to attacks, but any damage done to it is also dealt to the Ash Wolf.

Smoky mate. Once per day, the Ash Wolf can call forth the spirit of his long-dead mate, who emerges somewhere within 100'. Her body resembles a similar titanic wolf composed of ash and smoke. She has the same statistics as the Ash Wolf, except that she has the properties of a spirit, and does not have the Ash Wolf's pack bond, firestorm, smoky mate, or vorpal bite abilities. The smoky mate fades away after five minutes.

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