The bonus exploit granted by your attributes is called your trait.

Your trait should be noted on your character sheet as part of the descriptor. For example: Boris is a naive Smallfolk guardsman who...

You may choose between two traits. The options available to you are dependent on your attributes: one is defined by your highest attribute, and one is defined by your lowest attribute. LUC is not included in this process.

Identify either your highest attribute or your lowest attribute (your choice), and choose or roll for a corresponding trait. Note that all traits are beneficial, even if they correspond to a low attribute.

Attribute Highest Attribute Lowest Attribute
STR [1-2] Massive, [3-4] athletic, [5-6] brawny [1-3] Feeble, [4-6] tottering
AGI [1-2] Nimble, [3-4] deadeye, [5-6] ambidextrous [1-3] Clumsy, [4-6] lame
END [1-3] Rugged, [4-6] tough-as-nails [1-3] Coughing, [4-6] asthmatic/anemic
INT [1-3] Empathic, [4-6] alert [1-3] Naive, [4-6] distracted
LOG [1-3] Brilliant, [4-6] erudite [1-3] Illiterate, [4-6] forgetful
WIL [1-3] Stoic, [4-6] unflappable [1-2] Alcoholic, [3-4] reckless, [5-6] spendthrift
CHA [1] Commanding, [2] inspiring, [3-4] suave, [5-6] persuasive [1-2] Unwashed, [3-4] disfigured, [5-6] obnoxious
REP [1-3] Well-known, [4-6] egotistical -

Alcoholic. You are usually drunk. While this can impair your judgment, it also enables you to shrug off injury. You are immune to the Drunk condition, and you gain +2 SOAK when intoxicated.

Alert. Constantly aware of your surroundings, you gain +1d6 to INT (perception) checks, and you always win INITIATIVE ties.

Ambidextrous. You do not suffer the usual -2d6 penalty to attacks made while dual-wielding a double weapon or a secondary off-hand weapon.

Asthmatic/anemic. Your poor health often prevents you from undertaking extended physical exertion. However, you have developed coping strategies which enable you to recover quickly from hardship. Once per day you may use one action to gather your strength and determinedly recover 1d6 HEALTH.

Athletic. Brawny and strong, you are able to plow through difficult terrain. Difficult terrain does not reduce your speed.

Brawny. You gain a +40lb carrying capacity.

Brilliant. Your mind is honed, sharp, and analytical. Once per day you may replace any other attribute check with a LOG check.

Clumsy. You often stumble or drop items. You are so used to falling that you take less damage than most from a fall. Reduce the height fallen by 10' when calculating falling damage.

Commanding. You have presence, and people listen to you. By spending two actions (a full turn) you can give an ally within earshot an immediate single free action.

Coughing. Your constant coughing elicits sympathy from onlookers who are hesitant to attack an obviously ill person, and underestimate you when they do. You gain a +4 DEFENSE bonus against anyone you have not yet attacked.

Deadeye. Once per day you automatically hit with a ranged shot within two range increments as long as you do not exchange any attack dice for damage dice or combine it with another exploit.

Disfigured. Your appearance is memorable. However, it serves to instill fear when you need it to. You gain a +1d6 bonus to intimidation attempts.

Distracted. Your attention is always somewhere else and can be a cause of frustration for others. However, a non sequitur can sometimes prove useful; once per day, as an ally is making an attribute check, you can make a completely random comment which jogs their memory and grants them a +2d6 bonus to the check.

Egotistical. You have a very high opinion of yourself, which manifests itself as extreme confidence and surety. You gain a +4 MENTAL DEFENSE bonus.  Unfortunately, you sometimes ask "don't you know who I am?"

Empathic. You are able to easily understand how others feel. Once per day as an action you can attempt to adjust another's mood with a CHA vs. MENTAL DEFENSE check. If you succeed, you can make them either bad-tempered or happy. You must be able to converse with your target to do this.

Erudite. You remember a vast catalog of knowledge. At any time you may make a LOG check in place of any CHA check to interact with someone by recalling a piece of trivia of interest to them.

Feeble. You are physically weak and frail, which has taught you the value of brains over brawn. Once per day you may use a LOG check in place of a STR check and accomplish your goal through cunning and ingenuity.

Flamboyant. Your style and flair make you both noticeable and memorable. You can distract with ease, gaining a bonus +1d6 when using the Feint exploit.

Forgetful. You constantly forget and misplace things; often they are still about your person. Once per day, as an action, you may produce an item you didn't know you were carrying. The item can be any type of item, and can have a value in credits up to the result of your LUC check, and be something you would have had reasonable access to without use of theft or subterfuge.

Illiterate. You cannot read. Instead, you have learned to memorize common words which you need to recognize often. You have a fantastic memory and can automatically recall information you have been exposed to.

Inspiring. You are able to instill positive emotions in people with your words, using an action to give one ally a +1d6 bonus to their next attribute check if they are within 30' feet of you.

Lame. You have a limp, and move slowly, possibly with a cane. This causes people to underestimate you, granting you a +1d6 bonus to INITIATIVE checks.

Massive. You are enormous and solid. You are immune to knockdown and knockback effects by anything of your size category or smaller.

Naive. Naivete can be an endearing trait in some; it can also act as an insulation. Once per day you may completely ignore a fear-based effect or condition.

Nimble. You gain a climb speed equal to your regular SPEED.

Obnoxious. Your personality really repels people. You are an expert at insults, able to easily intuit what would bother your target the most. You can use an action to make a LOG vs. MENTAL DEFENSE check to enrage and distract others, causing them to become vexed (until they shake the ocndition off). As usual, repeated use increases the severity of the condition.

Persuasive. You are adept at negotiating with others. When you purchase anything under 1 MCr in value, you are able to save 2d6 percent.

Reckless. Your poor judgment often lands you in trouble, but it leads to a certain confidence. If you completely ignore cover, you gain a +1d6 attack bonus as long as you are not using a shield.

Rugged. You are tough and shrug off hardships. Once per day you can spend two actions (a full turn) to recover to half your normal maximum HEALTH.

Spendthrift. You lack self-discipline and spend your money on trivialities and things you don't need. This can have its advantages, however; once per day as an action you can pull a small item from your pocket that you forgot you'd bought, retroactively spending up to the value of your LUC check in credits.

Stoic. You are able to hide pain and discomfort. Once per day, when you would normally be reduced to zero HEALTH, you are reduced to 1 HEALTH instead.

Suave. Your words are your weapon; you can distract, charm, and captivate people with ease. A CHA vs. MENTAL DEFENSE attack can be used to stun a target unti they shake off the effect.

Tottering. You find it a struggle to stand and require the use of a wheelchair which gives you a +1 SPEED bonus on normal terrain.

Tough-as-nails. You gain a +2 SOAK bonus which stacks with any other SOAK scores you may have.

Unflappable. You are not easily distracted or surprised. The Feint exploit does not work on you.

Unwashed. Your unkempt appearance causes others to overlook you. You can hide in plain sight using INT in place of AGI.

Well-known. You are famous; people recognize you, for good or ill. You have learned to use this reputation. Once per day you may substitute your REP attribute for any mental attribute in order to make an attribute check.